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Fish Body

Created on 2015-07-31 by ali92abc

Body oval. Blind spot of head secured with various little hair-like edges; upper eye isolated from dorsal profile of head by a separation particularly more prominent than its breadth; foremost nostril of blind spot encompassed by a little edge yet not broadened, separation from this nostril to head profile contained 1.5 to 1.8 times in separation from nostril to mouth split; front nostril on peered toward side with tube coordinated in reverse, not coming to foremost edge of eye. Dorsal balance with 72 to 95 beams, its root on dorsal profile of head before the eyes. Butt-centric balance with 53… Read more »

Marineland canister c360

Created on 2015-07-28 by Mike5537

My marineland canister c360 just keeps blowing out white bubbles and won’t stop and I have no idea what to do Allan anyone help Read more »


Created on 2015-06-03 by Jason15

Good day all.   I need help.. I have 2 marine tanks running of one sump.  (600L & 200L) a few weeks ago i did see my tank have white spots (ich).  i know from where i did get it.. but anyway. I do put meds into the tank ( Seachem- Para Guard)  the water is perfect.    okey so i lost 10 fish =(  2 blue hippo tangs 1 powder blue tang (where white spots begin) 1 black footed clown 1 long horn cowfish 1 royal gramma 1 green chromis ( was eaten by carpet ananimie , did give… Read more »

Good reef fish

Created on 2015-01-29 by ike490

I have a 125 gallon reef tank with 3 tangs, 1 goby, 3 damsels, 1 clownfish and a little bit of coral.  My tank looks ematy so i wanted to know what some good fish to add are.  I was considering getting a lion fish but im not sure if it would effect the other fish in the tank.   Read more »

Twilightgroups Dolphin1 LED aqua light

Created on 2015-01-21 by twilight mmj

led grow lights Part number LED Quantity Input Voltage LED Chip Beam Angle Dolphin-01 108W(36PCS 3W) AC85~265V cree XPE/epistar 60/90/120 degrees Luminous Efficiency Size of Lamp Body Working Temperature(UNIT:℃) Lifespan specturm ratio 8820Lm 380x180x45mm (-20~40°C) 50,000hrs  channel 1:14000K white:Channel 2 460nm:Channel 3 mo> Main features:   Advantage: Economical Long life, low power consumption, high efficiency and cool operating temperatures. LED is a cost effective choice for your Coral reef/aquarium/fish tank needs. 1.Long Lifetime:Recommended useful lifetime of 50,000 hours for LED lights the equivalent of burning a light.18 hours/day, 365 days/year for seven years and seven months. 2.Energy Efficient:To save 70~85%… Read more »

All about the humu triggerfish.

Created on 2015-01-06 by trigger40

in progress Read more »

Aquascaping and Water Circulation

Created on 2015-01-03 by snakeblitz33

I felt that since both of these subjects had a lot to do with one another, I would go ahead and try to write an article on them. Aquascaping is the process of substrate and rock placement in order to make the look and feel of a saltwater aquarium. The water circulation around a display tank is mainly dependent upon the aquascape. Knowing the relationship between the two will ensure that you will have a mostly healthy saltwater aquarium.                 There are actually many different types of aquascape, but there are basics that you can follow. This article will not… Read more »

Sumps and Overflows

Created on 2014-12-30 by snakeblitz33

Sumps and overflows   This is a very broad topic of discussion, but something that must be discussed. Very often in this hobby, you will find the use of overflows and sumps. This is because they are very advantageous when implemented correctly. A sump is a container of water, usually a glass or acrylic aquarium, that has been sectioned off into chambers and each chamber has a specific purpose. An overflow is a device that allows saltwater to safely drain into the sump so that it can be pumped back into the display. A sump can be behind, to the… Read more »

75 gallon Fowlr tank with issues

Created on 2014-12-29 by jmac

My tank is 7 weeks old and seems to have cycled. PH stable Ammonia still present Nitrite at 0  Nitrate at 35 PPM I don’t understand why my Ammonia is present and my Nitrate has gone to 0 all together. any help would be appreciated.   Read more »

Refugiums: Setup, Maintenance and Tips

Created on 2014-12-22 by snakeblitz33

Refugiums The use of marine plants to control ammonium, nitrates, and phosphates is not new to the hobby. The extensive use of macroalgae was first experimented with in the 60s and 70s by pioneers in the saltwater industry. Since then, the use of marine plants to control nutrients has been widely regarded as an effective means to control water quality in marine aquariums. This article will cover the benefits of adding a refugium, how to set up and maintain a refugium, different types of algae you can add and other technical aspects of keeping a refugium. A refugium is simply… Read more »