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The Royal Gramma

Created on 2014-09-30 by candaceswf

The Royal Gramma is one of my favorite fish.  A member of the Basslet family, the Royal Gramma has a swagger about them that makes them the Royal member of any aquarium. Granted they are colorful.  Their bright purple and yellow/orange markings make them unusually coloful and noticeable in an aquarium.  The colors seem more in keeping with a pop art painting rather than an actual living animal, but that is only part of the appeal. The are a semi aggressive fish.  They have their territory and they protect it.  They are not bullies, just demanding that they get their… Read more »

In Praise of the Clownfish

Created on 2014-09-29 by candaceswf

It is known by many names, the False Percula Clownfish, the Ocellaris Clownfish, Nemo, the Percula Clownfish, Picassos, Semi-Picassos, Black Ice, Snowflake Clownfish… the list goes on and on. The clownfish is probably the most recognizable marine fish on the planet, and is perfect on so many levels and for all levels of aquarists.  Let me explain… If you are a beginning hobbyist, the clownfish is one of the easiest marine fish to keep and they do well in smaller nano tanks.  The clownfish is readily available, reasonably priced, and a delight to watch.  Striking really. The clownfish is one… Read more »

Seahorses Pointing the Way By Scott Hughes

Created on 2014-09-24 by candaceswf

I’m sitting here going through the paperwork at Saltwaterfish.com while glancing over at my tank in the living room.  In the tank are two aquacultured seahorses.  Seahorses got me into this crazy business.  Let me explain…. I remember seeing my first seahorse at 8 years old at PJ’s Pet Center in Montreal, Canada.  I was amazed that such a magical animal really existed.  I always thought they were just fantasy animals like unicorns, but here was one right in front of my eyes.  I told myself then and there that I would learn all I could about this animal, and… Read more »

Buying Marine Life Online

Created on 2014-09-19 by candaceswf

Even though Saltwaterfish.com has been selling, well saltwater fish, online for over 15 years now, we still talk to people who are surprised that they can buy marine life online.  Although slightly biased, I believe it is the best way to buy your fish.  Why?  It effectively makes you the wholesaler in the transaction.  Here’s why that is good for you and your fish. Saltwaterfish.com imports directly from our suppliers overseas.  We use some of the best suppliers, and have a long-standing relationship.  They understand our need for quality, and we partner with them to help the fishermen who collect… Read more »

Balance in the Aquarium

Created on 2014-09-16 by candaceswf

Your aquarium is a closed ecosystem.  Every change that you make; whether it is adding new marine life to your tank, adding new filter media or equiment, delaying that water change or feeding, has an impact on that closed system and its inhabitants. For a new aquarist, getting the tank up and running quickly so you can add marine life is often the goal… but today I’d like to ask you to show some patience and enjoy the journey on your way to stocking your aquarium.  You see, those initial weeks after the tank has been set up and filled… Read more »

Blue Hippo Tang

Created on 2014-08-22 by candaceswf

The Blue Hippo Tang, Paracanthurus hepatus, is also known by many other names including Regal Tang, Palette Surgeonfish, Pacific Blue Tang, and -thanks to Pixar- Dory.  No matter what you call this fish, most people would agree that the Blue Hippo Tang is one of the most remarkable looking tangs available in this hobby.  At first glance, one will notice the briliant blue coloration the Blue Hippo Tang gets its name from.  Contrasting the blue of the tang, is the intense black marking similar to a painter’s palette, hence the name “Palette Surgeonfish”, as well as bright yellow pectoral and… Read more »


Created on 2014-06-24 by awesomefish

An aquarium (plural aquariums or aquaria) is a vivarium consisting of at least one transparent side in which water-dwelling plants or animals are kept. Fishkeepers use aquaria to keep fish, invertebrates, amphibians, marine mammals, turtles, and aquatic plants. The term combines the Latin root aqua, meaning water, with the suffix -arium, meaning “a place for relating to”.[1] An aquarist owns fish or maintains an aquarium, typically constructed of glass or high-strength acrylic plastic. Cuboid aquaria are also known as fish tanks or simply tanks, while bowl-shaped aquaria are also known as fish bowls. Size can range from a small glass… Read more »

Broomtail wrasse

Created on 2013-02-20 by tuskfish06

Has anyone seen a Broomtail wrasse offered for sale recently in the trade? I have been looking for one for quite sometime without any luck., I was fortunate enough to find a Triple tail and have a Rose Breasted . The BROOMTAIL is becoming a thorn in my side , been looking for a couple of years now.At one time they were available going back probably 10 years when I think about it , not a common fish then but you would see one from time to time. I am located in th close to Tampa in Florida , but would be… Read more »


Created on 2012-09-30 by beth

Lymphocystis is a chronic viral infection effecting susceptible fish resulting in the cauliflower or ward-like appearance of lesions on the afflicted fish’s fins and even the body. The size of these lesions can range from small irregular shaped spots as see in this blue hippo tang [not to be confused with ich],  to large wart-like growths.  Lymphocystis does not have to be a death sentence, however, and, in fact, it usually is not. Many fish with this condition may remain symptom-free; others will suffer significant disfigurement if the condition is not adequately addressed. Most typically, the effected fish will have minor spot symptoms… Read more »

Metal Halide Lighting Technologies

Created on 2012-06-01 by scsinet

Considerable confusion exists in the hobby relating to metal halide (MH) lighting.    This article serves to explain some of the fundamentals of halide systems and provide the hobbyist with useful information to be used in pre-purchase research.   This article is not intended to debate the use of halides versus other technologies, but rather to explain the fundamental differences and the pros/cons, allowing the hobbyists researching lightings systems to be armed with all the facts about halide systems.  What is Metal Halide?    Metal halide is a type of High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting.  HID lighting systems pass an electric current… Read more »