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Ways to Connect on a Deeper Level in the Hobby

Created on 2014-10-21 by candaceswf

Have you ever thought about our hobby on a human level? Sure our fish and corals are beautiful to behold in our tanks, but have you ever thought about the story behind them? Where did they come from? Who caught them? This is the story of those anonymous fishermen… The majority of the fish caught in the aquarium trade come from small fishing villages in the Philippines and Indonesia. Usually these fishing villages are exclusively dedicated to marine ornamentals, the fishermen and their families fishing the reefs that have sustained them for generations. I’ve had the pleasure to visit many… Read more »

Nano Tank - Part 2: Tank Set Up

Created on 2014-10-16 by candaceswf

So here we were with an 8 gallon tank. It has two rear chambers where the pump, heater and filter were kept, and a cheap LED light. Before setting the tank up again I decided I was going to take my time with this one, do it right and do it how I wanted. But what did I want? The fact that it was a nano tank meant I had to be extremely selective. I knew I definitely wanted to keep corals in there at some point, so that means I need a new light, and I need to be… Read more »

Moving a saltwater tank

Created on 2014-10-16 by flower

Moving an established saltwater tank can be a challenge.   Since I have successfully done this 4 times, I thought I would share my methods. The key to success is to not clean anything! The good bacteria is on everything that comes from the tank, don’t even change the filter media. The good bacteria and the fish are balanced, if you destroy the bacteria colonies, that balance is destroyed with it…that is when you will run into problems with a move. It’s very tempting when a tank is all broke down, to want to clean it up before setting it up… Read more »

TLF Kalkwasser Reactor Review

Created on 2014-10-15 by novahobbies

Edited/Removed Read more »

Are You a Fish Renter? Or, the Dirty Truth About Live Animal Guarantees...

Created on 2014-10-14 by candaceswf

In the online space, 14 day guarantees are pretty much the norm, some offer more lenient terms and make up for it with higher prices.  Others offer lower prices, but they don’t ship via overnight service for ‘easy to keep’ animals.  Dead marine life is a reality in our business, and since you are buying these animals sight unseen, online retailers offer guarantees. At Saltwaterfish.com, we believe that we have the most balanced and fair practices for handling dead livestock in the industry, and yet this is also the area where we receive the most negative feedback.  We offer a… Read more »

Nano Tank - Part 1

Created on 2014-10-07 by candaceswf

Hello!  My name is Candace.  I am a Customer Service Representative, among other roles, at Saltwaterfish.com.  Some of you may have seen me around the forum, or even called in and talked to me at the office.  Like you, keeping saltwater tanks is a hobby of mine.  Personally, I have a 55 gallon and 2 Nano tanks - one 20 gallon rimless and one 8 gallon cube which is what sparked this article and more to come.  No, I do not get things for free…unfortunately… but I do purchase everything for my tanks through Saltwaterfish.com.  I am in no way… Read more »

Why I love Snails and Crabs….and why you should too!

Created on 2014-10-07 by candaceswf

Our aquariums are a little slice of the ocean in our living rooms.  Most of us are trying to replicate an even smaller slice of that ocean with the particular ecosystem we are interested in… be it a reef tank, a fowlr system (fish only, with live rock), a predator tank, a mini reef… you name it.  One of the constants of almost every tank is live rock… but wait!  What are all those things crawling all over the rock?  They look like snails and crabs.  Yup.  That is the subject of today’s article. They aren’t flashy.  They aren’t necessarily… Read more »

Keeping Seahorses

Created on 2014-10-03 by candaceswf

One of the most majestic animals for the marine aquarium is the seahorse.  At least that’s what I think.  These fish are the stuff of dreams… ‘how can a real animal look like that?’... But they are real and with a little care, easy to keep if you keep a few important points in mind. First, and most importantly, only purchase aquacultured seahorses.  No exceptions.  Wild caught seahorses simply will not eat anything but live foods and unless you are willing to provide a constant supply of nutritious live foods (brine shrimp won’t cut it long term), they will starve… Read more »

Getting started

Created on 2014-10-02 by flower

Many new comers are asking for information on what they need to get started when setting up a saltwater tank. Every person has their own methods. I thought I would share my personal opinions, on what you need, and why or why not. First and foremost is the tank… the bigger the tank, the easier it is to maintain and keep stable. Folks who are familiar with freshwater tanks, are of the opposite thought…the smaller the tank the easier it is. So get freshwater fish keeping out of your mind, saltwater is a whole new world. The next most important… Read more »

The Royal Gramma

Created on 2014-09-30 by candaceswf

The Royal Gramma is one of my favorite fish.  A member of the Basslet family, the Royal Gramma has a swagger about them that makes them the Royal member of any aquarium. Granted they are colorful.  Their bright purple and yellow/orange markings make them unusually coloful and noticeable in an aquarium.  The colors seem more in keeping with a pop art painting rather than an actual living animal, but that is only part of the appeal. The are a semi aggressive fish.  They have their territory and they protect it.  They are not bullies, just demanding that they get their… Read more »