Angel fish not eating. just hiding

Discussion in 'Fish Disease & Treatment' started by devante, Jul 2, 2001.

  1. devante

    devante New Member

    I have a Lemon peel angel fish and he's not eating anymore. I bought a spotted puffer fish and after a couple of days the angel fish stop eating. He doesn't smiw around anymore. he just hides in the rocks. What can I do to help him eat. The tank is 20gal. The puffer is has a healthy appetite. what can I do
  2. devante

    devante New Member

    So what can I do, Even the spotted puffer is mean. they seem to get along just find. He comes out to eat but just won't bite anthing. the food is the same. I need to feed the angel. How can I do that. I can't put together a tank in a couple of days.
  3. devante

    devante New Member

    OK. that sound like a plan. I'm planning on get a 55gal. Is that big enough for them? Damn that LFS. It's been like 3 days that he hasn't eatten. He'll come up to the food but won't eat it. I'm hoping that he eats soon.
  4. devante

    devante New Member

    The tank has been set up for about 6 months.
    I just checked the levels and everything seems normal. Nitrite is below .1 and Ammonia is about .025 maybe lower. I just did a H2O change yesterday. Cleaned the filter also yesterday. Changed about 25% H20.
  5. goldfish

    goldfish New Member

    I have to agree with Trey on this one with his beautiful quote...nice one Trey! :D
    How on earth did you have a lfs especially in Florida give you such sh***y advice on compatible fish?? With all due respect a 20 gallon is waaaaaaaaay too small for those guys to live together. Good luck in finding a new home for your puffer or angel--whomever you decide to remove. Next time you visit this lfs, be sure and give the guy a book on saltwater fish. It's obvious he is not clued in.
  6. jimi

    jimi New Member

    I would decide which one you like and take the other back.Lemonpeels can be difficult under ideal conditions, how long have you had him?
  7. devante

    devante New Member

    Great news. The Angel and puffer are doing just fine. He didn't eat for 7 days but after daily H2O changes (5 days)the angel is eating like a pig. He's as curious as ever and swiming like a champ.

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