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Discussion in 'The Aquarium' started by bwonder, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. bwonder

    bwonder Guest

    I'm relocating to McKinney, Texas (about 30 minutes from Dallas) and I'm looking for some really good Aquarium Centers in the area.
    If you know of any, please let me know.
  2. tx reef

    tx reef New Member

    Welcome to Texas.
  3. bullyfish

    bullyfish New Member

    Look up the DFW Marine Aquarium Society web page and the have a list of all LFS.
    Best of luck to you!
  4. windmill

    windmill New Member

    3 words; Dallas North Aquarium.
    Best fish store I've ever set foot in. I took a road trip down to that area about a week ago and couldn't find any of the old fish stores i used to visit. Of course, they still had Petco; but that's not the place to go if you want quality livestock or higher-end equipment.
  5. 1journeyman

    1journeyman New Member

    Windmill, have you had good experiences at Dallas North?
    To me it seems Dallas North is overpriced and will sell you a killer whale for your nano if you have the cash... I've also seen a lot of floaters in their tanks.
    Our selection of fish stores in the metroplex isn't really that impressive sadly.
  6. jenni620

    jenni620 New Member

    yeah, I didn't have good luck at dallas north. both my clowns died within 10 days. the fish gallery has a nice selection of stuff, but i did see ick in two tanks when i was there. nice corals and inverts though...
  7. windmill

    windmill New Member

    Good points....I forgot to mention my only other recent option has been my local fish store with maybe 4 10-20 salt tanks ever stocked with any fish. And Petco. So, as you can imagine, I was absolutely amazed.
    Almost all their fish looked very healthy but I did see a few barely clinging to life. Their live rock didn't look worth the price, and come to think of it - all the prices were a bit high. I didn't ask them for adivse either.
    But for selection, whether it be for lights, filtration, or livestock - one of the best stores I've been too. They even had a blue-spot ray, a shark, and seahorses.
  8. puffer32

    puffer32 New Member

    Not crazy about dallas north either, think they are over priced also, only nice corals they have are the ones in the DT and they are overpriced IMO. I like the fish gallery and Extreme corals myself.
  9. tinyfish

    tinyfish New Member

    I think their prices are too high. The sold me a pair of gold head sleeper gobies. I could not get them to eat and they both perished. There are other stores in Dallas area. There is Exotic Aquatics in Plano or Fish Gallery on Greenville and Park in Dallas.
  10. windmill

    windmill New Member

    Exotic was the one I was talking about. It wasn't in the same place last time I went down there (in a shopping center just north of Stonebriar) so they may not be in business anymore.
  11. blessedyo

    blessedyo New Member

    Welcome to Texas!
    I like some of the folks at Boutique Petshop in Dallas on Garland Road, BUT
    the owner does not guarantee the saltwater livestock! However the only reason I continue to go is that there are a couple of saltwater guys who are a hoot, and will be truthful on what is what.
    Also, you may try Fish Gallery in Dallas I believe it is on Greenville. It is nice, not as high as North Dallas, but the people will also be truthful with you, and guide you in the right direction. The website (mentioned earlier), is a good one, and I have been told if you become a member there are a lot of perks...(haven't became one yet myself, but will get to it when time permits).
    Personally, I did not like Plano pets, I wouldn't buy anything there. Even if they gave me something free...(sorry to negative, but why waste a trip!?)
    If I think of anymore I will let you know!
    Congrats on your move, hope you love it here!
  12. tinyfish

    tinyfish New Member

    The old guy at Pet Boutique is a jerk. There is one younger guy that is OK.
    I just found another place at Coit and Beltline, "Just for Pets". At least these guys are friendly.
  13. blessedyo

    blessedyo New Member

    I know... the old guy I believe to be the owner... he will try to sell you anything... heck he follows people like they can take the fish from the aquariums and put them in your pocket! lol There are only a couple of guys that I would trust there, but I will not buy from there again! Their livestock is not always in the best of health, and are not guaranteed by any means. Some LFS will give you a 24-48 guarantee on swf, but this place doesn't give anything at all.
  14. mytank

    mytank New Member

    Welcome to the neighborhood, we live in Allen and we always go to a store in Aquatic Design Aquariums 901 W Parker Road, Plano 972 398-6988 they are pretty good and Chubby's across the street is pretty good for breakfast too.

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