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Baby clowns!

Discussion in 'Clownfish & Anemones' started by rangermonroe, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. rangermonroe

    rangermonroe New Member

    Had a hatch today, only about 5 so far. Will they hatch over a period of time (daylight) or do they hatch all at once during the night?
  2. bang guy

    bang guy Administrator Staff Member

    Typically there will be a mass hatching a couple of hours after lights out.
  3. rangermonroe

    rangermonroe New Member

    I just got home from work, and I have one. I had five when I left and there are no reflective eggs in the pile:notsure: .
  4. rangermonroe

    rangermonroe New Member

    I did not "plan" this, I had one for about three years, and bought the other to see what would happen. They bred within 2 months, this is their third batch of eggs within two months.

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