Best way to get rid of hair algae?

Discussion in 'Reef Tanks' started by condork12, Jun 27, 2004.

  1. condork12

    condork12 New Member

    I have a 15gal reef and i am beggining tp have alot of hair algae. My nitrate is incredibly low and have no phosphates. What organism is best suited to fix this problem?
    Ihave blue legs right now and they dont make any difference.
  2. footbag

    footbag New Member

    Red legs eat it. So do Emerald crabs.
  3. attml

    attml New Member

    Phosphate test kits are notably unreliable! More than likely phosphates and silicates are the cause. You may want to consider a phosphate remover such as PhosBan or RowaPhos in a fluidized bed type reactor.
  4. condork12

    condork12 New Member

    ok well put it this way i happen to know i dont have phosphates
  5. attml

    attml New Member

    Not to sound smart but then what's feeding your hair algae? How are you measuring your phosphates? Aquarium test kits only measure inorganic phosphate in the water column not organic phosphate which gets locked in your sand and rocks then leaches back into your system! The best way to fight hair algae is to find it's cause! Algae grows because it has a food and a light source. You either have a nutrient problem or a phosphate and silicate problem. In a 15gal tank it isn't going to take long for excess nutients or phosphates to build! If you are not skimming or running a refugium then you should be doing a lot of water changes with RO/DI water.
  6. footbag

    footbag New Member

    I kinda agree. I used to have 0 phosphates until I got the salifert kit. What kit do you use?
  7. reefmad

    reefmad New Member

    had same problem test show no phos. but after trying everything else i got some phosoban and saw results the next day and week later all gone so i would try this. dont think it would hurt even if you dont think you have phos.
  8. hookedonreefs

    hookedonreefs New Member

    Not to jump on the bandwagon here, but the most likely cause for your algae is phosphates. I know you may feel that you don't have any. In fact, you may be able to test with many different test kits and still get a reading of 0. The reason is that all you phosphates are getting used by the algae. If you try manually harvesting as much algae as possible, wait about 12 hours, then test - you'll probably see the phosphates.
    Just some food for thought.

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