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    In need of some help. I am new to this hobby. Ive had my tank up and running for about 3 months now. this morning when i got up i seen part of this worm looking thing reaching out of the sand and onto a rock. it quickly disappeared. a minute later i seen it on top of the sand climbing into a rock. i'm not positive what it is. It seems to me like its a bristle worm. Well i am reading both good and bad about these worms. not positive what to do, but it does bother me. i dont like the looks for it and what i am reading there is probley more. i just dont see them. Any advice would be great. right now its a fish only tank, but i am planning on adding soft corals very soon. if i have one or two i see every so often then fine, but i dont wanna get up in the middle of the night and see my sand bed covered in these things. Thanks for the help.
    All my levels are good too.
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    Based on the coloration of the critter, I'd say it's a Caribbean Fireworm (Eurythoe complanata). Altho this species is generally a harmless detritus feeder, it has been reported to prey on beneficial fauna (pods, worms, etc.). If you can grab it, you may want to so so (don't use your bare hands), but there's no real urgency. This species won't harm your corals tho.
    For future use, here's a pictorial hitchhiker ID guide...just match your critter to the photo, and read about it:
    BW's will populate your tank in proportion to the available food, so if you feed the tank a lot, you may want to control any excess food to keep them in check. Personally, I just let them be most of the time, as they're great members of the CUC, but we do remove any of the various fireworms if they show up.
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    thank you saxman. i wasnt certain what it was. be honest it scared me this morning. i never knew all these hitch hikers would appear. i guess welcome to the saltwater life. lol if i can catch he is will be going bye bye, i dont mind it if he was little, but he is atleast 5 inches and just to much like a snake, and i dont like snakes. thanks for the input.

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