brown algae on glass

Discussion in 'New Hobbyists' started by ichiromariners, Jul 11, 2002.

  1. ichiromariners

    ichiromariners New Member

    there is brown algae on my glass that my crab can't reach and my fish won't eat should i leave it there or scrap it off with something?
  2. dsa_mom

    dsa_mom New Member

    your choice--either use an algae scraper, a magnetic scraper, or get some snails, like mexican turbo snails to eat it. Somehow our snails always graze on the back of the tank when we want them on the front!
  3. donkeykong

    donkeykong New Member

    my TEN snails are always on the front which keeps it clean but can be a little bit of an eye sore
  4. carrie1429

    carrie1429 New Member

    Usually for the brown glass algea the snails do a pretty good job or you can just get it off with the magnet scraper as suggested above. Just be lucky its not green coraline algea, snails or a magnet scraper can't get that stuff off the glass.
  5. ichiromariners

    ichiromariners New Member

    what gets the green coarline off? can i just scrap the algae off with my crushed coral so i can spread on my rocks for my crab to eat?
  6. carrie1429

    carrie1429 New Member

    It won't come off that easy. The onlt way I get it off is with a razor blade. Takes a long time to scrape your whole entire tank too. Do you think you have green coraline too? It will look like a bunch of little light green dots on the glass, very little dots.
  7. ichiromariners

    ichiromariners New Member

    no i just have the brown algae on my glass the tank and coral have green algae on them. you seem to know a lot do you have msn messanger or aim?
  8. carrie1429

    carrie1429 New Member

    No I don't have either one, why?
  9. striker

    striker New Member

    Try to clean off and remove the algae carefully without spreading it in the tank. The addition of a small powerhead aimed along the glass will help keep the algae from spreading out again. The easiest way to remove the green coraline from the glass is with a magnetic scraper. If you don't have one I highly recommend it. It cut down my cleaning time from 15-20 minutes to 2-3 minutes.
  10. carrie1429

    carrie1429 New Member

    How do you get it off with a magnet scraper? The green coraline on my glass wouldn't come off with anything but a razor blade.
  11. pc fisher

    pc fisher New Member

    Magnetic cleaners are GREAT!! There is a cleaning pad on the inside of the tank and you control it by another pad on the outside of the tank.
  12. dsa_mom

    dsa_mom New Member

    the inside piece of our magnetic scraper has a blade, so you actually ARE using a razor blade on a magnetic scraper.
  13. carrie1429

    carrie1429 New Member

    Originally posted by PC Fisher:
    <strong>Magnetic cleaners are GREAT!! There is a cleaning pad on the inside of the tank and you control it by another pad on the outside of the tank.</strong><hr></blockquote>
    They do work great on most algea except coraline that is, at least I can't get mine off. How is it that everyone else can get their magnet scraper to work on coraline?
  14. mpgt

    mpgt New Member

    The magnetic scrapers eventually begin to leak. Salt water gets inside and causes the magnet to rust. If you use them near the bottom, you can pick up a grain of sand and scratch up the glass. Razor blades will scratch the tank too. Some people use a long handled toilet brush; too much scrubbing for me.
    Get a (plastic)Kent Pro-Scraper. I just got one with a 7" wide blade for $3.39. It gets algae off in one pass, easier and faster than anything I've ever seen!
  15. ichiromariners

    ichiromariners New Member

    i have found that a toothbrush works quite nicely.
  16. scott270

    scott270 New Member

    what kind of water are you using, the brown algea whick is probably diatoms are usally caused by tap water
  17. smalltimer

    smalltimer New Member

    i agree with the previous post, also if it is a new tank, it is a diatom that will dissappear with time. ALL tanks, when new with r.o. water or not will have some diatom alge. Other than that u gotta clean d pool.
  18. charvel

    charvel New Member

    I have a new tank, If I leave the brown algae on the back of the tank will it turn pinkish-purple(coraline algae) Thanks.
  19. donnal

    donnal New Member

    i also have the brown algie on my rock on my sand on my tank it seems like it just happened over night
  20. afishmonkey

    afishmonkey New Member

    i just recently got 6 herms and 7 snails and WOW are they increadible as soon as i put them in they went to work and havent stopped and i highly recomend them well the snails are cleaning the rocks also there my 4X4 snails there rockin :) and well there mostly on rocks then glass but glass is clean they did good i guess they moved on but ocassionally there workin on glass and herm crabs are doin good alsojust rember to accumate slower than normal :) hope it helps and for quick fixes on algie i use a sponce soft side and a mag scraper hope this helps peace :) <img src="graemlins//urrr.gif" border="0" alt="[urrr]" />

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