Bubble Tip Anemone hanging upside in the dark

Discussion in 'Reef Tanks' started by xaphann, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. xaphann

    xaphann New Member

    I have restarted my salt water tank. As I have been slowly building it up (cycle, live rock, fish, etc...) I went to my LFS to get a flame angel. After talking with the owner a bit I got a very small bubble tip anemone (half an inch in size). It wasn't something I really planed on doing it just kind of happened (got him to give to me for free with the flame angel).
    Well I placed the anemone on some live rock and seemed happy for the night. This morning i woke up to find the anemone hanging upside down on some live rock. It is in the dark as far as can tell. figuring that was a night spot I left him be. Over the day he has moved around but has always stayed underneath and out of the light.
    Since I am new to anemones, don't know if I should be panicked, concerned or this is normal.
  2. rebelprettyboy

    rebelprettyboy New Member

    Hmm what are your water parameters in the tank and what kind of lights do you have?
  3. anonome

    anonome New Member

    That is really a tiny anemone. I would say that it is adjusting to its new surroundings. Since it is attached, this is a good thing. Staying out of the light could be bad if it continues, but should find a happy spot to stay soon. Are your lights stronger than where it was at the store? What type of lighting do you have?
    Anemones need really good water quality. What are your perameters?
    If you touch the anemone is it sticky? If it is sticky then it is healthy.
  4. dogstar

    dogstar New Member

    Originally Posted by xaphann
    (half an inch in size).
    Welcome to the site.....
    IMO, this is not normal. I doubt it is a BTA. They are not normally sold or kept or seen that small. A pic would help.
  5. bonita69

    bonita69 Guest

    They are strange animals I have 2, did real weird things untill they settled into my tank, but again my tank was set up for 1 1/2 years before my first one was introduced to my tank. My second one I just got(last week) a year later from the first. Water and lights are everything to these animals! If your sure you have all the right conditions to house these guys, just leave him be,
    Just watch him, don't go messing and poking on him. He will "right" himself and settle in.
    if he is very small be care of your intakes and powerhead intakes the will suck him up and kill it, so make sure they are protected/covers or in place. I lost one that way and there is nothing like a powerhead chopped anemone!!
  6. dennis210

    dennis210 Guest

    I recently lost a small bubble tip. Lasted 2 weeks, started where I placed the rock he/it came on, then proceded to an edge and went to the underside and stayed there 12 days out of direct light, but in plain sight. There is finally dissolved. Not one person who saw it has an explanation. Yet I was told "leave it be, it will find where it needs to be!" Over the past two years I have tried 2 BT's and 4 carpets and none lasted more than two weeks. So moral of story - some tanks won't do anemone's. I grow every coral I purchase (except gonipora) and can't keep a anemone. My freind has virtually the same set up and his corals do poorly but his anemone (a BT) is 2 years old and the size of a dinner plate. Go figure!
  7. calvertbill

    calvertbill Guest

    I hate to sound like a fatalist, but if you've given it good lighting and water, you've done your part. Anemones move around enough that they usually are pretty good at getting themselves into, and out of, trouble. One thing's for sure. It won't like the dark for very long.
  8. nycbob

    nycbob New Member

    anemones r tougher than we think. i hv one in my fowlr under pc light for over 9 months now. i just spot feed him more often. my other bta i dont even feed bc it seems to get enough from the t5. it could just be a bad specimen or something wrong with ur water parameters..
  9. jabels5

    jabels5 New Member

    I have a pink tip for about 1.5 years, but tried a BT, it went under a rock overhang and stayed there, if I moved it, it went back, till it died, my clown loved it, the pink tip is great, but have tried 2 BT and both died.
    Good Luck
  10. mie

    mie New Member

    It is normal for bta's to perch under a rock or ledge and reach out to the light.
  11. anonome

    anonome New Member

    Originally Posted by Dogstar
    Welcome to the site.....
    IMO, this is not normal. I doubt it is a BTA. They are not normally sold or kept or seen that small. A pic would help.
    I agree with this. My RBTA when it split, the baby was easily 2 1/2 inches. Any chance of getting a picture of it to be sure we are talking about the same thing?
    How is it doing today?
  12. clown316

    clown316 New Member

    dont mean to interrupt but i saw a fragging demo today at a coral swap.. and learned that you can frag anemones? weird stuff right there.. never heard of this before..
  13. xaphann

    xaphann New Member

    Well sorry for not replying life kind of hit me hard, nothing bad but busy.
    A little of an update, he is in the same spot but is now turned up to the light. To answer questions, my water fine the lighting is another thing. As I said really wasn't looking at getting one of these guys it just kind of happened. I have a 6700k and full spectrum. I have ordered a actinic 03 blue with any luck will be here late this week early next.
    For those that were asking here is a picture

    Yeah I am no threat for the picture contest
  14. ray28576

    ray28576 New Member

    That doesn't look like a BTA to me.
  15. snipe

    snipe New Member

    it is some BTA's will not form bubbles for some reason lol but BTA anemones love the rock work and love for there foot to be hid and tight
  16. xaphann

    xaphann New Member

    Originally Posted by Ray28576
    That doesn't look like a BTA to me.
    I wasn't so "stretched" when I got it. I was assuming it was because I didn't have the correct light.
  17. ray28576

    ray28576 New Member

    Originally Posted by xaphann
    I wasn't so "stretched" when I got it. I was assuming it was because I didn't have the correct light.
    After looking at the pic a little more, I notice the tentacles in the back do have a kinda bubble shape to em.
  18. dogstar

    dogstar New Member

    IMO, its Anemonia majano.
  19. snipe

    snipe New Member

    NO way is it that. To big and the bubbles on the tips it is DEF NOT majano anemone no way at all.
  20. xaphann

    xaphann New Member

    Here is a bit of an update. I got my Actinic 03 blue in and he has moved again. He is now on top of a live rock. Also he isn't as "stretched" as before, here is a new picture;

    This isn't the best, you can't see that he now has a green hue. Should the 6700k be replaced with a 10k?

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