Can a Clown get its slime coat back???

Discussion in 'Clownfish & Anemones' started by lubeck, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. lubeck

    lubeck New Member

    I had posted a while back about my clown fish shedding its skin. I recently got another pink tip anemone and i think my clown got burned and lost its slime coating. Can they get it back?
    The clown wants to go into the anemone but won't and in the past, it would'nt take more than 3 days for him to go in the anemone. I don't know what happened any suggestions.
  2. clown123

    clown123 New Member

  3. lubeck

    lubeck New Member

    how would it loose it in the first place?
  4. dogstar

    dogstar New Member

    It should get it back but, do you mean a " pink tip CONDY " if so then IMO thats your problem.
  5. unleashed

    unleashed New Member

    add some melafix to your tank it will help rebuild the slimecaot(no it wont hurt you anenome

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