Can you tell if your Anemone is sick?

Discussion in 'The Aquarium' started by ml1826, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. ml1826

    ml1826 New Member

    My Anemone turned inward and looks browish in color. You can still see some of its tenticles, but not many. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks Mindy
  2. colorado2step

    colorado2step New Member

    How Long Have You Had Him? They Go In When Scared Or Stressed. Water Are Water Levels?
  3. dogstar

    dogstar New Member

    Welcome to the site....
    Its normal for most anemones to sometimes close up, many will do that when feeding or at night, ect...rarely is that any indication that one is sick....Many anemones are also brown...
    It might help if you could tell us the species of anemone that your refering to and give more details and history about your system.
    Also, there is a seperate section on the site for anemone discussions that might get more responces if you ask there...

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