Cleanup crew 4 seahorse tank

Discussion in 'New Hobbyists' started by moopiespoo, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. moopiespoo

    moopiespoo New Member

    Does anyone see any problems w/ this cleanup crew for a 30 g seahorse tank?
    1 sally lightfoot
    1 horseshoe crab
    2 lettuce nudibranch
    1 cleaner shrimp
    5 emerald crabs
    10 turbo snails
    1 brittle star (not green)
    Do I have too much?
  2. michaeltx

    michaeltx Moderator Staff Member

    bad idea to have crabs in with horses the arent fast enought o get away form them and they will damage the horses tail and from there they can get an infection that will kill them. the best things for a clean up crew in a horse tank is things without claws.
    I am not sure how the cleaner shrimp would do though.
    and the horseshoe crab is a bad idea even in a large tank for many many reasons. but size is a main factor the get large.
  3. austinreef

    austinreef New Member

    Agree with Mike, the Sally would make short work of the horses.
  4. moopiespoo

    moopiespoo New Member

    No emeralds either?:( I considered the horseshoe b/c I heard someone else had one in a sh tank. So I am down to the snails, the star and the slugs? The Shrimp???
  5. bioreefer

    bioreefer New Member

    here is what I would try for your 30g seahorse. I also have a 46 gal seahorse tank.
    nassarius 5 / clean up
    abalone 2 / clean up
    astraea 5 / hair algae
    Nudibranch or sea slug
    lettuce slug 2 / hair algae
    star fish
    brittle sea star 1 / clean up
    1 cleaner shrimp is ok for clean up
    P.S sea grass is important for seahorses its there natural hunting grounds or other saltwater plants work also. I have had good results with this method. I like SPS corals with seahorses just gives them things to hold on to. thanks BioReefer :cool:
  6. shrimpfishy

    shrimpfishy New Member

    sallylightfoot might bother your sea horses
  7. moopiespoo

    moopiespoo New Member

    Thanks BIOREEFER this sounds like what i want. No sps yet I need to focus on the ponies first. I have a few artificial plants in there now.
  8. bioreefer

    bioreefer New Member

    glad I could help moopiespoo but whats up with the fake plants are you outside your mind !!! LOL :p THanks BioReefer
  9. moopiespoo

    moopiespoo New Member

    I KNOW!!! I was hesitant at first, as I have said before I hate that fake crap(no offense anybody) but it is just temporary until I get confident w/ the sh. I actually found three plants that almost look real. well not really. ok not at all. But it will work for now.:rolleyes:
  10. killafins

    killafins New Member

    i know they are ugly, disgusting, and completely annoying but it's a very good mood at this moment in time to get fake plants. Your seahorses will love 'em. Also, for a seahorse tank I would stick to a cleaner shrimp, snails and ur muscle power.
  11. moopiespoo

    moopiespoo New Member

    Killafins are you the one who kept a horseshoe crab in your seahorse tank? I can't seem to remeber the post. Also what about the brittle star, I really want one in there. Thanks.
  12. killafins

    killafins New Member

    Yes I did but after doing research I don't even feel horse shoe crabs should be kept in captivity. IMO, the brittle star will be a danger to the seahorse. I'm not sure where I read it but no seastars should be kept with seahorses.
  13. robofish

    robofish New Member

    I have a 58 gallon seahorse tank and I have about
    40 snails,
    1 sally,
    some small small small crabs
    Hang on Refugium
    and do a weekly 20% water changeout.
    I would stay away from the shrimp and any hemit crabs. I had 2 hermit crabs that seemed to spend the day tomenting the seahorses. They were removed.
    I have 3 Black(purple) 6" +
    2 Brazilian Reds 6"
    1 Yellow Brazilian
    I have been seahorse converted for about 5 months and all is well. Be prepared for excessive water changes due to excessive feeding. I have to stop the pumps and basically over feed with mysys and they are doing fine. I would assume if I could find a protein skimmer that will not put off bubbles back into the water, my water changes would go down. Be sure to eliminate anything that causes air bubbles in your tank or the horses will get any of 10 or so gas diseases.

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