clown fish not eating

Discussion in 'Clownfish & Anemones' started by adamcollins, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. adamcollins

    adamcollins New Member

    please help my clown fish is not eating all the other fish in the tank for eating fine please help
  2. grue

    grue New Member

    More info! Water? What else is in the tank? How long have you had this fish? More info! What are you trying to feed him? Have you tried differnt foods? MORE Info!!! Sorry not bashing, But my fish isn't eating could get you a ton of correct and a ton of incorrect answers. My 2 Cents
  3. invertcrazy

    invertcrazy New Member

    If the clown is new give it a couple of days to get settled in then try cyclopeeze.
    But as stated by Grue, you need to give a little more info.
  4. invertcrazy

    invertcrazy New Member

    how long is your tank been set up??????
  5. adamcollins

    adamcollins New Member

    hi got some more info for you guys the tank is 125litre which is roughly 33g the tank has been set for for about two weeks but have had the live rock in for about 10 days, i placed some crabs and shirmps in there a few days ago the crabs and shirmps are eating fine, the clown fish on the other hand stays in one corner right at the top of the tank looking out of the tank 24hrs a day!!!! i have tried fish flakes for marine fish and some frozen food both of which are loved my the crabs and shrimps
    Is this normal is he just getting used to being in a different tank
  6. jonp

    jonp New Member

    Did you cycle the tank? What are your parameters?
  7. adamcollins

    adamcollins New Member

    (cycle and parameters) i dont know what this means, i had my water tested by the guys at the shop they said it would all be fine to place one fish in, how and what is a cycle in the tank also what do you mean parameters?

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