Clown is fanning the sand away

Discussion in 'Fish Discussion' started by pohtr, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. pohtr

    pohtr New Member

    I just got a clark clown who is about 3" already and it likes to fan the sand and make big holes, down to the glass. The sand was about 1-2" when left flat and now it runs from 0 to 4" Why does it do that? Also, will this mess up the bacteria in the sand or release some of the bad bacteria or something? :notsure:
  2. nicetry

    nicetry New Member

    Common for many clown species. Staking out a territory. I had a large maroon that did the same. No use smoothing the sand, the fish will just dig it out again.
  3. reefiness

    reefiness New Member

    ive heard of this behavior while breeding but u only have 1 clownfish right? so i dont think it is that. otherwise i guess hes haveing fun.... :thinking:
    and about the bacteria it shouldnt do anything bad its ok if the sand gets moved around if anything what the clownfish is doing is good for the sand because it is airing it out.
  4. viper_930

    viper_930 New Member

    I'm not sure why some do this, but from what I've heard tomato or maroon clowns only do this. If you have an excess of nitrates stored in your DSB it will be released into the tank.
  5. reefiness

    reefiness New Member

    or it could be that. i guess ive personaly never had a clown claim territory in the sand but i guess it happens
  6. buldog9

    buldog9 New Member

    My maroon does the same,however after he stirs the sand, he looks for something to eat amongst all the swirling debris...
  7. sykomagnet

    sykomagnet Guest

    my maroons never done such a thing... my blue damsel did before he died
  8. vi3tb0i

    vi3tb0i New Member

    my perc clownfish do that they mite be breeding i always see the 2 clowns hang around with eachother they go into my lr together too...anyways its normal for clonws
  9. pohtr

    pohtr New Member

    I just have the one and if he's staking out territory I think he wants to own almost the whole tank! It's cool to watch, but I think I'd better check the water perameters again.
    I like the way the sand looks all high and low, more interesting.

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