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Discussion in 'Corals' started by devyn339, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. devyn339

    devyn339 New Member

    My corals are turning brown not closing up or anything just losing there color everything is good except phosphate are are high I am working on this problem now but they started turning before the phosphate went up I add trace elements to the tank once in a while some ppl said if I get a skimmer that they will color up any suggestions
  2. ibew41

    ibew41 Active Member

    what kind of coral is losing color and what are your water test numbers
  3. bang guy

    bang guy Administrator Staff Member

    Zooxanthellae are brown and an excess can cause even healthy corals to be brown.
    Adding more intense light (gradually) can allow fewer Zooxanthellae to feed the coral the same about and the coral will gradually expell the excess and may color up again.
    How old are your bulbs?
    Remember to make any changes gradually.
  4. devyn339

    devyn339 New Member

    my bulbs are brand new i bought a metal halide with 2 150 watt 20k bulbs and 4 compacts everything is testing out great with exception to phosphates which are almost gone today
  5. juice28

    juice28 Guest

    what kind of corals are turning? are they SPS or LPS/softies? new bulbs they could be adjusting to the new super bright light spectrum. how long have you have your light s compared to the time the corals started turning colors
  6. devyn339

    devyn339 New Member

    i have a few sps that were bright green when i got them now they are brown my zoas are turning i have a rock anemonea that his color faded dramatically since i got him and they started turning before i got the new light idk whats going on the local reef store said if i get a protien skimmer they will start to color back up i bought the new light because i thought thats why they were changing in the first placce
  7. nikesb

    nikesb New Member

    sps turn dark brown because of excess nutrients, mainly phosphates. they also turn a dull brown because off too little light. they turn pale brown (tan) when they bleach

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