Difference in 10000K vs. 12000K lights?

Discussion in 'Lighting, Equipment & DIY' started by dbmtrman, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. dbmtrman

    dbmtrman New Member

    I have a 120gal. DT with 48" Coralife compact flourescent light system. The light hood has two 65 watt 10000K light bulbs and two 65 watt Actinic light bulbs. I bought the lights used and unfortunately 3 of the 4 bulbs have burned out. I am in the process of purchasing new bulbs and found an online site that has 65 watt 12000K daylight bulbs for $14 each. They didn't have the 10000k bulbs. My question is what is the difference between the two bulbs and would it be ok to switch to the 12000K bulbs. My tank is currently a FOWLR, but am planning on adding coral in the next 2 to 3 months. Would this light hood be sufficient to support various types of corals?
  2. saltn00b

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    the only difference is that it will look a little bluer to the eye. the corals dont particularly care about slight K change. 10k you might get slightly faster growth, but you probably wouldnt even notice it.

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