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Feeding for Green Carpet

Discussion in 'Clownfish & Anemones' started by nemo&dory, May 27, 2006.

  1. nemo&dory

    nemo&dory New Member

    I was wondering how often should I feed my Green Carpet.Also,what to feed it.
    I want to make sure he is never hungry so he won't eat the other tank residence.(I've heard he is a muncher) :thinking:
  2. roll tide

    roll tide New Member

    I've had mine for a couple weeks now. I feed mysis shrimp and squid to it two to three times a week. So far so good, I also have a gold stripe maroon that is hosting like a champ. Hope this helps a little.
  3. nemo&dory

    nemo&dory New Member

    I have started feeding mine raw shrimp.He seems to be doing fine on that.
    Also,I have a Maroon Clown who won't get near him.Anybody know why? :notsure:

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