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Green Conger Eel

Discussion in 'Aggressive Fish' started by csr1, Jan 26, 2003.

  1. csr1

    csr1 New Member

    I just have to ask. I was at a LFS tonight and they have what they list as a Green Conger Eel. It was really active and cool looking too. It wasn't as afraid of me as my other two eels seem to be, which are a zebra and a what I think is a unicolor snake eel. My only problem is I am not really sure that is what it is. I went to another LFS after that one and asked questions there about it and they told me that is the same thing as the Green wolf eel. That it will kill anything in the tank so it has to be in a tank by itself, which I have a hard time believing for my tank, it is a 200.
    Anyway, I didn't get a pic of course and no matter how hard I look I cannot find a pic that looks like it. From all of the pic's that I have found by doing a search of the Green Wolf eel on the board they are all "solid green" looking to me.
    Now the Eel in the LFS was more of a dirty pinkish almost brown color with big green dots on it. It did have the fin all the way down the back and was about 3/4 inch around and about 12-13 inches long. It was in the tank with a powder blue and a powder brown tang. The LFS says that it never bothers the bigger fish.
    Question is: Is the Green Conger Eel the same thing as the Green Wolf Eel??? Thanks
  2. grouperhead

    grouperhead New Member

    Conger eels and carpet blennies are two seperate species. I'm not too familiar with true conger's, genus Conger, but they get huge, and are coldwater Atlantic species. I know Michael (Jumpfrog) has a green wolf eel, maybe he can post a pic of his and you could give a yea or neigh on wether or not that is the same fish. Bo
  3. csr1

    csr1 New Member

    Thanks for replying Bo but I have seen a picture of Jumpfrogs, I think it was his anyway, and it was nothing like it as far as the coloring goes. So, that would have to be a neigh. Thanks anyway. Hope I get more response as I am really curious about this eel.
    The LFS said it wouldn't get any bigger than possibly 36". But I always like to do my research on any fish, or eel, before buying. Thanks again
  4. grouperhead

    grouperhead New Member

    Could you possibly get a pic of it? Did it have a prominent dorsal fin running about 3/4ths of it's body length? Could you see any teeth? Were they more pointed or rounded? Any other fins (anal, pectoral, etc.?) Trying to get a good ID on this guy...Bo
  5. polarpooch

    polarpooch New Member

    Grouperhead wrote:
    Conger eels and carpet blennies are two seperate species. I'm not too familiar with true conger's, genus Conger, but they get huge, and are coldwater Atlantic species.
    You're not kidding they get huge...at least if this pic is any indication! Found it on the web, searching under "green conger eel"...good golly!:eek:
  6. csr1

    csr1 New Member

    Thanks for the help. The dorsal fin was definately all the way down to the end of the eel. It did not have any teeth that I could see and I had a really good view. It was almost right up to the front of the tank, and when it opened its mouth it reminded me of seeing a small grouper that I had been looking at earlier, there were definately no teeth, at least not that I could see.
    I am going to see if the fish store has the scientific name for it as well. The owner told me that they keep the same coloring of a burnt orange and green spots even as adults because she likes to watch the cooking channel and has saw the japanese chefs clean and cook them before and they did not look any differant than this one does now, except for it is bigger. She said they don't get any bigger than 36". I find this hard to believe and even though I thought it was a cool looking eel, I wouldn't buy it if I can't be sure I can keep it. Thanks

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