How long can fish live in the bag?

Discussion in 'New Hobbyists' started by hiddenicon, Aug 6, 2004.

  1. hiddenicon

    hiddenicon New Member

    i want to get a new fish tomorrow and it'll be about a 45 min trip for the fish so i wanted to know how long they can live in the bag?
  2. wocka

    wocka New Member

    im not sure but i remember hearing 48 hours
  3. hiddenicon

    hiddenicon New Member

    does anyone know if Wocka is right
  4. flatzboy

    flatzboy New Member

    I the fish will do fine for 45 minutes but don't let him sit in the car with air off because it could get to hot.
  5. zap800

    zap800 New Member

    well a pretty good lfs i go to said their small bags with pure o2 is good for 6 hrs and their big bags are good for 12hrs. i asked because this place is 2 hrs away from me so i didnt want to have any fish not make it.
  6. msd2

    msd2 New Member

    45min should be no problem as long as they use O2. If not make sure it is a very large bag to bring the fish home in. And someone made a good point, climate control em, a cooler (not cooled) would be ideal if your in a high temp area. You can also hit them up to see if the have insulated boxes that you could have to transport. I get them from work from blood samples and it keeps the animals temp amazingly stable.
  7. bang guy

    bang guy Administrator Staff Member

    I have shipped Clownfish without O2 and they were fine. Doesn't mean it was the best way but it worked.
  8. rbmount

    rbmount New Member

    When they are shipped from they are in bags for almost 24 hrs.
  9. squidd

    squidd New Member

    When I clean the "skum" out of my tank, I put them in bags on a table...
    One time they tried "rolling" out a window...:eek:
    I think they were trying to escape before my niece came over...:yes:

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