How Long Does It Take For A Shark Egg To Hatch?

Discussion in 'New Hobbyists' started by philgmiami, Apr 8, 2006.

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    Good Question.... I was at my LFS yesterday and 2 of the guys that work there (how long I do not know) were talking to eachother about how for as long as they've worked there they had never seen one hatch. So they went on and on and even debated braking one open to see what would happen dumbasses
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    make sure the egg 1. has an ambryo, 2. if its smell's bad hes dead and 3' make sure it doesnt have a white fungus on it. YOu should be able ot see the embyo wiggle when there is ample light behind it. most shark eggs will develop fungal infections and die before they hatch only abotu %30 of them actually hatch. some eggs are also actually "infertile"
    stage 1- about 2 - 21 days
    stage 2 - about 28-35 days(end of case should split)
    stage 3 - about 42- 60 days (color should star to appear in shark egg)
    stage 4 - about 70 to 90 days + (should see the replica of an adult)
    temperature of your tank also makes a difference in a 72 degree tank it will take longer than in a 82 degree tank wihich will hatch shorter,,, but dont go changin temp if the egg has already been in there. You should see your egg getting bigger or "stretched out" try putting a light behind it without moving the egg somehow and you shouls see slight movement...
    the basic answer to your question is about 18-19 weeks or about 138- 160 days
    hope i helped!
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    Yeah that's awesome! How long have you had the egg?

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