how often can i dose kalkwasser?

Discussion in 'Reef Tanks' started by vince, Aug 12, 2001.

  1. vince

    vince New Member

    how long should i wait till i get dose another gallon of kalkwasser, turbo calcium or buffer?
  2. slash7

    slash7 New Member

    Are you testing your tank water for calcium and alk levels? This should give you the answers for when to add supplements and which ones. As for kalkwasser, I dose it 24/7 to replace all evaporated water. You may be able to do this also but again, you need to monitor your calcium and alk, and also watch your pH.
  3. @knight

    @knight New Member

    kalk is a regular thing. but keep in mind kalk only maintains the level. you will need to raise the calcium level with another product before you start to drip kalk. I recommend useing the search feature, we discussed this in-depth last week.
  4. @knight

    @knight New Member

    btw vince,
    i would not worry about calcium if you have anenomes dying or any water problems at all. they should take priority over kalk. I would wait untill all my levels wer good to go again and then worry about calcium.
    other than anenome's what corals do you have?
  5. vince

    vince New Member

    I really don't think my water conditions are bad because the other anemone is thriving in this one position I put him/her in. I wanted to take things slow so I haven't added any corals or new fish in my tank yet (also i'm low on cash =) )
    i wanted to increase my growth of coraline algae , thats why i'm starting to add calcium at this point
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  6. burnnspy

    burnnspy New Member

    Kalk should be added anytime makeup water is added too counter evaporation.

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