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How to frag a goniopora

Discussion in 'Fragging Techniques' started by aqua_scaping, May 31, 2008.

  1. aqua_scaping

    aqua_scaping New Member

    If any one has i video i would love to see it. And if you need a picture of mine i can get you one.
  2. meemmoo

    meemmoo New Member

    I don't have video, but I have fragged mine and found using a dremmel works great. I have a red one which color is yours?
  3. aqua_scaping

    aqua_scaping New Member

    i got a pic of it if you give me a while but its brown and decent size with red alge that i CANT get off of it...
  4. cmaxwell39

    cmaxwell39 Guest

  5. aqua_scaping

    aqua_scaping New Member

    im kinda scared too because if it dies im out of a fabulous coral
  6. cmaxwell39

    cmaxwell39 Guest

    Yeah, I understand the fear and from what I understand some goni's are hardier than others. I think it depends on color, but I am not sure. Maybe you could check with reefkprZ and get a little more information. I believe that he has fragged a gonipora before.
  7. reefkprz

    reefkprz New Member

    I have fragged goniopora and the methods I described for you avelepora are the same I would use on a goniopora, I would just like to mention that goniopora DONT handle fragging as well, the hardiest being red, then purple, then green are very susceptable to failure.
    with goniopora I reccomend a wet cut instead of a dry cut if possible (wet tile saw filled with marine water etc.), after making the cut place the fresh cut pieces in a bucket of new marine water with a small powerhead pointed upward and heater to maintain even temperature for 1 hour so the coral can slime up and slough off. then return the frag and parent colony to as close to their original positions as possible to prevent light shock or other changes thay may cause the coral to expend energy acclimating to a new position rather than healing.
    Note: gonipora are notoriously bad fraggers, I reccomend getting practiced on some hardier corals or a couple pieces of rock first. like setting up the tile saw and chopping up some rock about the same size so you get used to the way the saw cuts so you can make one clean cut without binding depending on the size of the colony you may need to remove the guard, be prepared for water to spray everywhere in line with the blade, (dont have your face looking straight down the blade you'll get a face full of water and coral goo)have a towel and safty glasses.
    be prepared to lose the entire colony, it does happen.
    disclaimer: I am not responsible for anyones actions but my own, if you do use any of my reccomendations I will not be held responsible for failure/s. but your more than welcome to blame success on me.....
  8. cmaxwell39

    cmaxwell39 Guest

    Reef I will gladly give you all the credit for the success I had fragging my alveapora. It went as good as could be hoped for. I did end up getting rid of the two extra frags. One went here local and my brother took the other one. He lives about an hour and a half away. Anyway, I can keep track of how all the frags do. Thanks again.
  9. aqua_scaping

    aqua_scaping New Member

    i have decided to wait to frag it but here is a pic of it

    its an older pic because mine has a little "baby" growing off of it now

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