How to move an anemone?

Discussion in 'Clownfish & Anemones' started by cocoacf, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. cocoacf

    cocoacf New Member

    How can I make my anemone move out from its rock? This things foot is deep inside the rock... I heard that putting it in heavy flow will cause it to release its foot, so I tried pissing it off with a power head for 30 minutes and the thing just closed up... I don't know how to get him out.. I don't want to break the rock. %%
  2. sandman181

    sandman181 New Member

    Just let him hang out, I have an anemone that split and they are on the same rock well they were both on top now they both went under the rock. Who knows they will wander to some place better.
  3. nuro

    nuro New Member

    why do you want to move him? do you want him out?
    if you just want it in a different spot in the tank, good luck with that, theyll move to where theyre happiest no matter what you do.
    if you just want it out, ive had success with power heads but youll need to do it for more then a day, and if its a type that buries its foot it might just retract.
  4. cocoacf

    cocoacf New Member

    I brought it home on a rock, and can't fit the rock into my aquascape anywhere.
  5. tank a holic

    tank a holic New Member

    set the rock in a corner somewhere and put a PH on it, when he leaves the rock take it out
  6. nuro

    nuro New Member

    agreed, it will move to where it wants once its in the tank
  7. vinnyraptor

    vinnyraptor Guest

    i would re-work the aquascape alittle because there is no guarentee that the nem will plant itself where you want it anyways. i know this is a pain in the arse but you shoulda thought of that beforehand, lol.

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