ick in my reef tank.

Discussion in 'Reef Tanks' started by schrade, May 17, 2002.

  1. schrade

    schrade New Member

    I have ick in my reef tank. no more fish are in there. I have been using Kick ick for 10 days. ita says that ich will be gone in 15 day's. Will this be long enough time before i put fish back in the tank.
    50 Gallon reef
    nitrate's 0
    ammo 0
    ph 8.4
    nitrite 0
    50 # live rock
    crshed coral/sand
    2 cleaner shrimp
    1 coral banded shrimp
    15 sanils
    15 cracb red leg
    1 star fish
    some corals
    some mushrooms
    20 gallon QT
    crahed coral
    marron clown
    yellow damsel
    blue and yeelow damsel
    5# live rock
    10 gallon hspital tank.
  2. musipilot

    musipilot New Member

    No...the longest recorded life of an ich parasite in a non-fish environment is 45 days, but thats extreme, usually 30 days is enough. If you have no fish in the tank, theres no need to treat the tank with chemicals. Without a host, the parasite will die.
  3. reefman316

    reefman316 New Member

    Did you treat your tank with the rock in your tank?If so your rock isn't live rock any more.I've read that Ich meds kill live rock live sand and inverts.
  4. oneflysi

    oneflysi New Member

    some are suppose to be "reef safe", and not kill your LR or LS....but i wouldn't take the chance. just put them in a q-tank and use hyposalinity or copper.
    ed is the man for this, he helped me out when i had a problem.

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