Leaking BioCube?

Discussion in 'Nano Tanks' started by fenrir, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. fenrir

    fenrir New Member

    I have noticed this past week that every couple of days I get a long string of dried salt on the outside front of my biocube down the side. Is anyone else having this problem with there cubes? I have had it for over a year now and I am thingking about taking some silicone and putting it around my tanks top.
  2. cowfishrule

    cowfishrule New Member

    salt creep maybe?
  3. sigmachris

    sigmachris New Member

    I have this problem too in one corner. I think the plastic trim on top of the glass is loose at that point and if my water level in the DT gets high it can start running down the side. Some silicone will do the trick. Just make sure it is reef safe. I can't tell you which one is but GE make a Type 1 and Type 2 silocone. One is safe and one is not, sorry I can't tell you more but all I can do is warn you.
  4. fenrir

    fenrir New Member

    Ooo glad I read your post sigma, I piked up the wrong one that is dangerous. Thanks for the warning
  5. huskerreefer

    huskerreefer New Member

    Mine does the same thing if the water level gets too close to the black plastic around the top of the tank.

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