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leveling an aquarium

Discussion in 'New Hobbyists' started by dammar, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. dammar

    dammar New Member

    I remember reading somewhere (but I cant remember where) that it was a good idea to keep an aquarium level. It suggested putting cardboard under the stand so it can kind of adjust itself to be flat.
    Since I cant remember where I read this to look it up does anyone have any opinions on this? Will it put unnecessary stress on the tank or was it just because a crooked water line looks ugly?
    I just moved to a new place and after setting my tank back up, a week later as the water started dropping its not quite even. The water is at the bottom of the rim on one side and about 1/4th an inch from it on another.
  2. joncat24

    joncat24 New Member

    being unlevel WILL stress the glass. Go to lowes and get some wood shimms and it will fix you right up.
  3. 1journeyman

    1journeyman New Member

    Get a thin sheet of styrofoam. Place it under the tank on top of the stand. The weight of the tank will comapct the foam and level the tank.
  4. dammar

    dammar New Member

    damn, i was hoping it was the opposite.
    not looking forward to draining it and trying to lift it.
    thanks for the replies
  5. natclanwy

    natclanwy New Member

    Originally Posted by 1journeyman

    Get a thin sheet of styrofoam. Place it under the tank on top of the stand. The weight of the tank will comapct the foam and level the tank.
    Correct me if I am wrong but I don't think this will do anything to level the tank I know that will correct any minor imperfections between the stand and the tank but as far as leveling it I don't think it can do anything but possibly make it worse since the low side will have more weight compressing the foam.
    The only way I know to level a tank is to level the stand before you add water and if you are setting it on carpet near a wall shim it slightly on the front since the front will usually settle more than the back will. If you are setting you tank on thick carpet you might want to test fill it with fresh water to make sure after the tank settles into the carpet it is still level.
  6. usirchchris

    usirchchris Guest

    My stand is level but my floor is not...it slopes to one side. I have never had a problem thank goodness. I think it would be a problem if there was a point in your stand that was not level...say like a 2x4 in one corner was 1/4" higher than the rest...this would make a stress point that would need to be fixed, and could be done with foam, but if it is just an unlevel but flat surface I think you will be fine. Better to be safe than sorry if you are unsure though.

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