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Discussion in 'Aggressive Fish' started by ashley_29728, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. ashley_29728

    ashley_29728 New Member

    I have recently gotten a new lion fish to add to my tank, and my huma trigger is very agressive towards it, and I also have a dog faced puffer that neither one of the fish is bothering. I have a realy good friend who has triggers, lions and puffers all in the same tank and has never had a problem..If you have any solutions please dont be afraid to tell me all comments are welcome.
  2. prime311

    prime311 New Member

    No solution. Triggers can and will kill Lionfish. The less aggressive triggers like Blue Throat or Niger give you a better chance of finding a Trigger that can coexist with a Lion, but its still 100% dependent on the individual fish's temperament. Larger tanks also increase the chances of a coexistance between these 2 fish. You should either move the Lion to another tank or take him back to your LFS for credit. Also, if you're friend has one of the most aggressive Triggers like Clown or Undulated, then it isn't a matter of whether the trigger will kill the other fish, but a matter of when as eventually the Trig will go nuts and wipe the tank.
  3. lion_crazz

    lion_crazz New Member

    Lions and triggers do not mix well at all. Most times, a trigger will rip a lion apart.
  4. sxy_kya_06

    sxy_kya_06 New Member

    I have a volitan lion, niger, and a huma. At first the niger was picking on the lion, but now they get along great. No problems. My huma is the smallest in the tank. LFS told me, if iw as to get the huma, he should be the last fish added to the tank. I think it is all based on the temperment of the fish.
  5. srfisher17

    srfisher17 New Member

    Originally Posted by lion_crazz

    Lions and triggers do not mix well at all. Most times, a trigger will rip a lion apart.
    This is a very common topic. Aggressive triggers, IMO, should not be kept with lions. I've seen a 2" Huma terrorize everything in a tank, all fish much bigger than himself. Sometimes they can play nice for a while, then go berserk overnight. Like the above post said, sometimes it is based on the temperament of the fish. The temperament of most triggers is very aggressive; some just take longer to show it than others. You simply cannot change DNA.
    Also, if your profile is correct and you have these 3 fish in a 30 gal; you're in real trouble. If your LFS knows this, I'd sure find a new source of info (like this forum) ASAP.
    I just noticed this is your 1st post, welcome! Please don't take comments as personal criticism; this is one hobby (addiction) where we all learn through the experiences of others. I'm not being overly critical of lfs (I don't think); but they exist to make money (nothing wrong with that); but their advice and knowledge is very often questionable at best.
  6. unleashed

    unleashed New Member

    i once did the trigger thing with my lions and puffers however at that time eveyone else started posting about thier humas attacking everything all of the sudden.i took my huma back to the lfs.however i did keep my niger.he taunted my very large lion one too many times, lion stung him and niger was all gone
  7. cafero702

    cafero702 New Member

    ive had many triggers with my lion before from a bursa,niger to a undulated and a blue-line the only one that was a problem was the blue-line at first he was fine with him for about 6 months but then my blue-line grew a little and i guess grew alot ballsey he satrted nipping at my lion all the time he wouldnt leave him alone and it was out of no where too. i eventually moved them all up from a 60 gallon to my 140 gallon and the trigger still messed with him
    so i had to take him back to my LFS
    it depends on the fishes temper i had a porcupine puffer with them both the whole time not one problem with him i have him now in my 140 with tangs and corals and some gobys blennys not one problem my puffer wont even eat hermit crabs he is so chill
  8. dragonzim

    dragonzim Active Member

    Its not a matter of IF, but of WHEN the triggers will snap and take out your lionfish. I had a 2.5 inch Humu Humu with a 9 inch Volitans Lion. They lived happily together for about 2 years then one day the trigger went nuts and tore apart the lion.
  9. srfisher17

    srfisher17 New Member

    Here's something I posted on another active thread on the same subject (
    Edit: Here's an excerpt from Bob Fenner's book, 'The Conscientious Marine Aquarist"; possibly the most respected author in the hobby: "Some species and individuals are not likely to be good tankmates for your triggerfish. Lionfish and their relatives (such as eels) can easily become trigger chew toys unless the system is very large or filled with rocky obstructions and hiding places." I doubt that Fenner would consider many home aquariums large enough, nor have the room to provide enough shelter for a 12" volitan lionfish.

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