Mimic Lemon Peel Tang

Discussion in 'Fish Photography' started by rcbruce, May 14, 2007.

  1. rcbruce

    rcbruce New Member

    I finally decided to get a tang now that my reef is a year and a half old. I tried a lavender tang once and got the worst case of ich before it died you can imagine.
    After reading alot, I decided on a Mimic Lemon Peel Tang. He seems perfect for my 55 reef.
    He was very shy at first, but after 3 days he seems to be getting out more.
    Anyone have one or experiance with one I would be glad to hear about it!

  2. anonome

    anonome New Member

    No experience with one, but they sure are beauty's. Good luck with it, however, you may get knocked down a notch for putting him in a 55g. Is the tank overstocked? If not you will be fine for a while, but I would be looking into a larger tank. They still can reach lenths of 8.0", small for a tang, but still large for a 55g. Just my 2 cents.
    That is truely one beautiful fish.
  3. rcbruce

    rcbruce New Member

    Yeah, I realize the minimum tank called for is 80 for this variety, but it is the closest to my size as most tangs require a 120 min.
    As for stocking I'm not over as I watch that close. I have a coral beauty angel, six line wrasse, mandarin goby, scissortail dartfish, and a engineer goby.
    Plus, as you note, this is one beautiful fish!
  4. big-fish

    big-fish New Member

    pretty fish
  5. rcbruce

    rcbruce New Member

    Well tank size shouldn't be a problem much longer as I just bought a 90gal. reef tank. Figure I should be making the swap in a week or so. Need time to hardline new sump.
  6. fedukeford

    fedukeford New Member

    Im not trying to be the tang police, but this tang really need to be in a bigger tank. They can get up to 9+ inches, plus if you havent seen what they look like adults yet, then your probably going to want to get rid of it once it reaches its adult stage. IMO, the ONLY tang that will do ok in a 4 foot tank is a kole tang since they stay pretty small.
  7. rcbruce

    rcbruce New Member

    I appreciate the input.
    As I stated, I am now in the process of upgrading to a 90 gal. As far as needing more than that, I'll let you argue that with {EDIT}, who recommend 80 gal. for this species.
    Yes, I have seen pics of adults and I happen to think they are still great!
  8. fedukeford

    fedukeford New Member

    If it was an online site that reccomended 80 gallon, they normally do that. They want people to think they can go and get a tang, and have it THRIVE in smaller tanks. Most tangs can be in 4 foot tanks, but they will never thrive, and probably have ich 24/7
  9. rcbruce

    rcbruce New Member

    Again, I'll let you argue that point with the vets, as I know their qualifications and the fact that by following thier advice I have a thriving tank, and I have no idea what, if any are your qualifications.
    BTW........I also read 3 books, (yes, they still print those in spite of the internet) that also listed the mimic as the best for smaller tanks, all of which are 4 footers.
    Your turn!
  10. dogstar

    dogstar New Member

    Just some of my thoughts about this fish..Thats a nice looking one BTW.
    Most Acanthurus sp. are very territoral and can often have behavor problems with other tank mates and the larger species do seem to grow very fast, however, the mimic species in this genus are just the oppisite. They grow at a much slower rate ( due to the mimicing or the dwarfs ) and are reasonablaly peacefull and inactive when compared to most other tangs.....
    This is not to say that they will do fine in a smallish system for their whole life because once they do get larger than the dwarfs then they loose the mimic markings and grow faster...
  11. rcbruce

    rcbruce New Member

    I think it all comes down to the individual personalities. Some fish adapt, others don't. All I can say is, after a week, he shows no sign of ich, is eating very well, has a gut on him, and plays with my other fish like he has always been a part of my system.
    You can always get ANY fish that is either disease prone, or just flat mean. I had always read that 6 line wrasse got along with other wrasse's. Mine killed my fairy wrasse. Had him down in a corner ramming him untill he died.
    So far I am very pleased with my choice. Sure, that might change in a year, but isn't that true of any living creature? As far as not being as pretty when it is older, I don't judge people or my pets by what they look like as they age. Gawd, I know I ain't getting prettier with age!
    BTW...dogstar TY for the compliment on him!
  12. kevin34

    kevin34 New Member

    How much did you pay for that fish if you dont mind me asking? Also does anyone have a pic of one in its adult stage? I looked it up online and found one in a yellow color and a black with orange and a white tail. Is the black one the adult? Also will one of these get along with a purple tang in a 125? thanks
  13. rcbruce

    rcbruce New Member

    Don't tell my wife. $55
    I would not mix another tang in with one that already has it's territory established. If you had put them in at the same time I would say yes.

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