multiplying feather dusters

Discussion in 'Reef Tanks' started by tasha799, May 13, 2003.

  1. tasha799

    tasha799 New Member

    I looked at my LR today and I saw 7 ....very little feather dusters....Im 100% sure that I didn;t put them it possible for feather dusters to multiply in the fish tank...If it lond does it take for them to grow?
  2. buzz

    buzz New Member

    Those feather dusters aren't quite the same thing as the coral that is very large with a hard tube. These are most likely fan worms. They stay small, and can multiply very fast. I have literally hundreds of them in my tank.
    I think they are a great addition. Congrats!
  3. nerdy

    nerdy New Member

    Yes I agree with Buzz. Fan worms are a welcome addition to any tank!
  4. tasha799

    tasha799 New Member

    how small do the stay? right now it's smaller than a grain of rice.
  5. nerdy

    nerdy New Member

    In my tank, I have had them for years and they haven't seemed to grow past an inch in length!

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