naso vs. blonde naso tang

Discussion in 'Reef Tanks' started by tableforglasses, Jan 21, 2003.

  1. hey guys I was just curious what are the major differences between the naso tang and the blonde naso tang? Also do you have any preferences in which one you keep? I am interested in one of the two for a 110 gal. tank.
    thanks sean
  2. flamingkingofhe

    flamingkingofhe New Member

    looks i prefer the naso not the blonde
  3. blondenaso1

    blondenaso1 New Member

    I like the Blonde Naso better ;) In my opinion they are the skater bad boys of the reef tank. I like the yellow dorsal fin :)
  4. plum70rt

    plum70rt New Member

    Blondes do it better;)
  5. dpittman

    dpittman New Member

    Blonds are a little more pricey because of where they are from - don't mix 'em cause they do not like each other - both species are found in Indonesia where they have turf wars. Overall a really nice hardy reef fish for the big tank.
  6. reef fool

    reef fool New Member

    I remember reading that the blondes come from the Red Sea and the Others come from Hawaii. Pretty much the same fish as far as needs and temperment.
  7. reef fool

    reef fool New Member

    Wow! I just asked the same ? on another post.

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