Need to raise PH. Baking Soda?

Discussion in 'New Hobbyists' started by somethinfishy, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. somethinfishy

    somethinfishy New Member

    Is baking soda safe to add? If so, how much?
    I dont want to kill my fish!
  2. sickboy

    sickboy New Member

    I wouldn't add baking soda. If you need to raise it, I would use a marine buffer. But why do you have low pH in the first place?
  3. tank a holic

    tank a holic New Member

    I also would not add baking soda, but you don't want to jump in and add buffer either
    you need to test PH, Calcium and KH or ALK all 3 and figure out why your PH is low like sickboy stated
    these three parameters go hand in hand
    the problem with adding buffer is that your alk or kh will be sky high and your ph will still be low
    once you get all three parameters where they need to be all should be well
    also what kind of flow do you have, if you arend getting enough oxygen exchange, your CO2 will build up causing acid
  4. shyfish

    shyfish New Member

    When my tank was under a year old my PH had a low count often. My SW Guru (as I like to call him).. Said that RO water had something to do with it. He said RO, which is the best water to use, has been so filtered it lets the PH drop. It made no sense to me, but I will pass it along.
    Another thing he told me to try, stir up my sand and the PH will go right up. That worked.
    So if all the numbers are good except the PH maybe the RO water is the "why" ??? , at any rate try srirring the sand and see if it helps. It can't hurt to try right?
    BTW Baking soda works but I personaly didn't like to try and mix the "right" amount, so if I had to, I used buffers.
    I have a sand sifter now and I have no problems with PH anymore. That makes no sense to me but I am no chemist. I just know what works for me.
    Good Luck!
  5. jayking232003

    jayking232003 New Member

    LOL. You know... I clean swimming pools, I use soda ash and bi-carb in my pools to bring the ph up. lol I almost thought about using it for my aquarium, but I was told NO by EVERYONE!!! I also thought about using muratic acid to bring the ph down and injecting pest anemones, but i didn't! Just unpredictable stuff. And the amount really varys cause these things we speak of have no balancing effects. its just up or down.
    I suggest getting... Seachem marine buffer ph 8.3.
  6. veni vidi vici

    veni vidi vici New Member

    If you have low Ph and its a result of low alkalinity,then buy all means you can use baking soda.
    reef chemistry calculator:
    Just remember , when raising Alkalinity to keep an eye on your Ph.You dont want a quick extreme swing in either direction
  7. somethinfishy

    somethinfishy New Member

    I stirred up my sand today, and it seems my PH has raised some since I posted this last. Its at about 8.0. Which I know is borderline okay according to one of my buddies, I know Ideal is 8.4.
    With fresh water if my PH was low but my fish were healthy and active, I didn't worry about it. Is this the same as with saltwater.
    Alkalinity is PERFECT, cant get any better. So I don't know what the problem is.
    I can't test my calcium but I will asap..
  8. shyfish

    shyfish New Member

    You asked:" With fresh water if my PH was low but my fish were healthy and active, I didn't worry about it. Is this the same as with saltwater."
    As I understand it, in the simplest terms:
    With freshwater fish, As long as you don't use straight tap water (chlorine) you can get away with almost anything. Lakes and streams are shallow and change all the time. The critters can stand a great deal before it kills them. Over the centuries they have learned to adapt to change pretty fast. (not amomonia or contaminates like soap)
    The ocean is very deep, lots of waves and it has remained stable for a very long time. The critters from the ocean are not used to change. They have not adapted in that area.
    This is why a tank raised fish or coral is stronger. They have grown up with slight changes because a fishtank is not an ocean, slight changes happen and they have gotten used to it, to some tiny degree.
    So your PH, Alk, nitrates, nitrites and calcium are all very important to get stablized. Nature has not prepared the ocean critters for change.
  9. florida joe

    florida joe Active Member

    Ok this is why they call me crazy. There is IMO absolutely no reason by you cannot use baking soda to raise your PH. Just remember it’s a quick fix and not addressing the problem if you have chronic low PH
  10. somethinfishy

    somethinfishy New Member

    Tested today its at 8.3 =]

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