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  1. illapino83

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    Is having a shorter tube for the inlet(tube inside the aquarium going down and up) better than having it longer or same lenght with the outer part of the overflow?
  2. iyachtuxivm

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    Originally Posted by illapino83

    Is having a shorter tube for the inlet(tube inside the aquarium going down and up) better than having it longer or same lenght with the outer part of the overflow?
    Outer part needs to be longer then inner.
  3. davanti20

    davanti20 New Member

    Why is that....i have seen other threads with plans that have inside and outside the tank the same length....thanks
  4. cglover226

    cglover226 New Member

    i made one and it works good except for the gurgling sound (which gets pretty loud and annoying) is there anyway to quiet it down? if i add more water it is super quiet then after a few hours it gets loud again
  5. travisginger13

    travisginger13 New Member

    what size pipe should i use on a 55g? and what size pump.
  6. travisginger13

    travisginger13 New Member

    here is some info on gph for all those q's yall were asking about. this a good info page, and for all that want to do a sump as well hope that these will help you guys.
  7. todj2002

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    ok, i know this is pretty red but it works perfectly and its cheap. had to resize so im not sure if u will be able to read caption. pretty simple though. keeps water level constant and syphon never breaks.
  8. todj2002

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    well u definately cant read the caption, but its simple. 2 inch pvc in tank, with 1 inch tube inside of it that goes over back of tank into jug. make sure it goes well beyond the drain tube inside of jug or syphon will break. run an air line up the overflow tube and hook it to a power head to start the syphon then just pull the air hose out after syphon is started. pretty easy and u can use whatever container u want instead of milk jug. i used it cause it was there, and easy to cut.
  9. bmkj02

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    I love this overflow. I made mine for my Aquapod 24 going to a 20g sump. Works great. Better than that other hangon overflows. Mine has been running for almost 2 years now. The only time I lost syphon was when I was short on water and my sump pump started pulling up air into my DP and that put air into it

  10. bobiegoh

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    yo, i made one of this pipe based on the design in this thread. The siphon lost when power cut-off. The only thing i did not do is the inner airline. Please help me to how to overcome the siphon lost problem . Thanks.
  11. catfishcity

    catfishcity New Member

    how would i make this overflow for a 20 gallon aquarium? what size pvc should i use? what return pump should i use?
  12. yearofthenick

    yearofthenick Active Member

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I was curious about the paint. Veni, did you end up using the black appliance epoxy? How is that working for you?
  13. bmkj02

    bmkj02 Member

    I used the Krylon Fusion black paint
  14. diyfishtank

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  15. mie

    mie New Member

    I built two of these and used them on my tank and my friends tank. They work awsome, super quiet, super cheap, and never broke siphon.
  16. sethc333

    sethc333 New Member

    What do you use to strain the intake because I have shrimp and I don't want them getting sucked down the overflow. This is on a FW setup? Thanks

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