Should I move Coral Larvae?

Discussion in 'Corals' started by agunn6997, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. agunn6997

    agunn6997 New Member

    I found this on the front of my tank. Is it coral larvae? I have pipe coral and red mushroom coral, and probably a million other things that came in on my live rock. I guess it didn't like the sand being stirred up, and I found it on the glass. Should I move it? Will it latch there are grow? I would rather it chose a rock, but I don't want to kill it. I have never had coral before. Please help me not murder them.
  2. zeroc

    zeroc New Member

    it's a bit tiny of a picture to tell what it is. Just looks like a blue blob inside of a bigger field of blue. Can you get a better picture? if it's just staying there, and if it is a coral, i'd wait for it to grow a bit until you know exactly what it is, and it'll give a better chance of survival once you scrape it off and put in on the rocks. if the mushroom made some babies they do sometimes end up in the water column and land somewhere else instead of staying with the mother. But again, the picture is hard to tell, could be aiptasia, who knows. :)

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