starfish curling up

Discussion in 'New Hobbyists' started by tarheelian, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. tarheelian

    tarheelian New Member

    I'm just curious to know why my chocolate starfish sometimes curls his legs up. Also what and how to feed them.
  2. ophiura

    ophiura New Member

    It might be looking for food when it does this. They are not reef safe stars. They must be fed meaty foods, like krill, shrimp pellets, silversides, squid. You can put this on the sand and put the star on top (but never pull it off the rock or glass if it is firmly attached), or you can take a skewer or forceps and put it near the tip of an arm.
  3. bstive

    bstive New Member

    My staris a green star and all I do to feed it is put half of a salad shrimp in the tank and push it down torwards him(careful not to scare him away) and normally he will grab it with it's tiny little arms and will move it to his mouth. I normally only feed him once a week.:)

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