Tangs and Angels in the same tank?

Discussion in 'Fish Discussion' started by fishphreak, May 25, 2004.

  1. fishphreak

    fishphreak New Member

    I was just wondering if anyone had any experience keeping angels and tangs in the same tank.
    I am upgrading to a 125g tank and am trying to plan ahead on what fish to get.
    I want a yellow tang and a flame angel but the pet store told me that angels and tangs should not be housed in the same tank.
    Is this true?
    I ask because I am pretty sure I have seen pictures of these fish in the same tank.
    Thanks in advance,
  2. mongoose

    mongoose New Member

    You will be fine...I've seen these to fish in a 29Gallon together...they were both small but getting along like the best of friends.
  3. jdogg2432

    jdogg2432 New Member

    I've got several tangs and angels in my 210. I've got a Unicorn Tang, Hippo Tang, Yelloweye Tang, Sailfin Tang & Orangeshoulder Tang in with a Blue Face Angel & a Lemonpeel Angel. They all get along fine. The Sailfin & Lemonpeel definately are the dominate ones.
    A few things to remember. When keeping tangs you have better chances of compatibility if you don't mix within the same class. Example: A powder brown with a powder blue. All 5 of my tangs come from different classes. The same rule applies for Angels. The larger the tank the better.
  4. jeepboy

    jeepboy New Member

    I currently have a Naso Tang and a Coral Bueaty Angel in the same tank. The tank is too small for the tang when it gets bigger, but they both get along great right now. There is no aggression between them and they swim near each other often. The coral bueaty is half the size of the tang so that may be more of a reason why they get along.
  5. fishphreak

    fishphreak New Member

    would a 125g be big enough if I have other fish?
    I was planing on:
    2 percula (i have one now but I want to get a mate for her)
    I think is is a her anyway, the pet store told me if I only have one then it is most likely female.
    1 black and white percula
    3 damsels because I already have them. I used them to cycle my tank.
    1 clown goby (already have)
    1 scooter blennie (already have)
    1 fridmani pseudochromis
    1 yellow tang
    1 flame angel
    Thanks again,
  6. jdogg2432

    jdogg2432 New Member

    It looks as though you should be ok. Do your clowns get along ok?
  7. fishphreak

    fishphreak New Member

    I only have 1 perc right now. I was going to get them at the same time but a friend had to get rid of their tank so I bought the tank and the fish from him. That's where the true perc and the clown goby came from.
    The pet store told me that it would be ok get more percs if I can determine the --- of the one I have a get the opposite.
    I really want 3 percs so if need be I could sell this one to the pet store and then buy 3 at the same time if that would help.
  8. fishphreak

    fishphreak New Member

    a little off topic but could anyone tell me if this is a true perc or a false perc?
  9. shawnhardy

    shawnhardy New Member

    looks like a a false perc or ocellaris to me. a true perc would normally have more black on it.
  10. sebae0

    sebae0 Guest

    i had a queen angel, prurple tang and flame angel in a 180 with no problems. the queen was the dominate one until i had to take it back(switched to a reef).
  11. fishphreak

    fishphreak New Member

    Thank you all so much for all your help :)
  12. eagle1

    eagle1 New Member

    Coral Beauty and a Yellow Tang. No problems in my experience.
  13. samantha68

    samantha68 New Member

    I have a naso tang and a blue tank in with my queen angel and they swim together and get along perfect :)
  14. fishphreak

    fishphreak New Member

    Thank you so much for all your help.
    I have decided to try getting the yellow tang and the flame angel when my tank is ready.
    Does it matter which one I add first?
  15. jdogg2432

    jdogg2432 New Member

    Add them both at the same time, or the yellow tang last.
  16. scoobydoo

    scoobydoo New Member

    I've had a yellow tang since May 1 and added a coral beauty on May 22 and they are getting along fine. Both are eating from the live rock and flake food. My tang is about 2 inches and the coral beauty is 3-4 inches. Both love my cleaner shrimp too.
  17. shels

    shels New Member

    I have a Emp. Angel, and a yellow eye tang and they are fine together. The Angel does not like my Rabbit fish, they are the only ones in the tank that due not get along. Good luck with yours.
  18. oceanminded

    oceanminded New Member

    I have two yellow tangs a flame angel and a pygmy in my 190 and the are great together.

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