The ultimate hitchhiker clam! Need Advice! Please

Discussion in 'Clams' started by tannersmith200, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. tannersmith200

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    hey guys
    I went by my LFS today and they just got in some beautiful sponges a few days ago. They were $18.00 which I thought was a good deal. To my surprise, the sponge was attached to a big clam. I dont know what kind of clam it is so maybe you all could identify it for me.
    I had a feeling it was a clam because the girl at the LFS had a hard time prying it from the substrate. It closed and when I added it to the tank it is open. Notice that the clam's opening is facing the substrate. Is this ok? How do you think this clam will do since it has a pretty good sized sponge on it. I dont have much experience with clams other than a few cleaner clams I purchased from but I never see them since they bury under the sand.
    The other hitchhiker was an emerald crab and it was nestled in the sponge. A three in one combo for $18.00. Can't beat that.
    Thanks for the advice!
    Notice the clam's opening on the left, facing the substrate.
  2. fishtaco

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    Not sure what type that is, but I also got that kind of deal on a ric I bought a while back. It had a ric on some sort of clam/mussle and also a small coral that I am not sure the name of. Kind of like a cross between a clove and a gsp. The bi-valve is doing great, the ric moved to a lower spot in the tank and the unknown coral has went from a half dozen polyps to covering the entire upper part of the shell of the hitchhiker and also onto the living rock. I think I paid 20 bucks for it and would like to find a few more.
  3. cranberry

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    You have to get him out of the sand if you want him to live. Secure him on another rock or something. He doesn't need to be facing up, but he can't be buried in the sand like that.
  4. eric b 125

    eric b 125 Guest

    thats pretty sweet. try and snap a pic of the mantle after you move it.

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