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    so im going to get a trigger fish (not sure what kind yet) but i have 2 damsels and a bicolored psuedochromis right now, which do you think would do better with the triggerfish ? i was told they are both aggressive fish and the damsel is better but iv already got my dottyback in the tank that the triggers going into and they are a B***** to catch. if you have any other fish to recomend to go with triggers please let me know. ahaha !! thanks forr opinions!! :))
    oh yeah!! and whatever fish going with the trigger im putting the other one in my smaller tank with a clown fish :)
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    How big is your tank? Triggers need a large tank to be healthy. If you have a trigger friendly tank (150+) I would suggest 3 or 4 squareback anthias. A royal gramma would be nice for that tank, they are another semi-aggressive fish. Depending on your substrate, a jawfish could work if you have the rockscape for it. Another note, no inverts with triggers because triggers eat them. I also would recommend getting rid of your damsel because they become evil when they get older. I just don't keep anything with the word damsel in its name because they dictate what you can get later. They will also bite your hand if you are cleaning and you get within their territory.
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