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  1. tonynader

    tonynader New Member

    I was wondering if i can have two puffers in the same tank if i add them at the same exact time. Porcupine and stars and strips puffer is what i plan
  2. tonynader

    tonynader New Member

    ok well since you guys arent answering i went ahead and did it. they are both in the tank swimming next to eahother with no signs or threat. does this mean this could change later on? or will they always be fine?
  3. btldreef

    btldreef Moderator Staff Member

    What size tank?
  4. aquaknight

    aquaknight Active Member

    Of the puffers I would have suggested not to try this with (besides a Mappa/Stellatus), were the Porcupine and the S&S. However those previous stories of failure were either of them were mixed with less aggressive ones, dogface, burrfish, etc. For the time being, I believe they will be fine. However the Porcupine will eventually reach maturity and then I believe problems will arise, as they develop such a jekyll/hyde personality. I have seen Porcupine's bite yellow tangs, taking out most of their back, completely out of the blue.
  5. tonynader

    tonynader New Member

    wow thats crazy, i will definitely keep an eye out at all times on them. thanks a lot
  6. rslinger

    rslinger New Member

    I keep a mappa and a stars and stripes for three years no problem... Just depends I think
  7. tonynader

    tonynader New Member

    oh wow really? ya mine seem to be doing great together. no signs of negativity at all. They swim next to each other and seem playful.

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