what do remora's eat

Discussion in 'Aggressive Fish' started by clowny123, Aug 7, 2004.

  1. clowny123

    clowny123 New Member

    hey what do u feed shark remoras thanks:scared:
  2. flatzboy

    flatzboy New Member

    I've never had one but I've caught one in the atlantic that was about 1ft. long will snapper fishing and it ate a silverside but the ones you buy I think are small so you could feed it some chunks of krill.
  3. adamz

    adamz New Member

    most remoras wil eat anyyting you put into the tank. i have one at work right now and he is just a maniac he eats so much and just attacks the food
  4. saltfisher

    saltfisher Member

    They eat anything and everything. I saw one so big in a LFS that the owner was feeding it pinky mice. Damn cool fish. Mine was a hog.

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