what does hair algae look like

Discussion in 'Reef Tanks' started by fishman830, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. fishman830

    fishman830 New Member

    hwtas it look like, i think i may have some it is like little hairs on a rock
  2. thomas712

    thomas712 Guest

    Not quite hair algea but close, this is a pic of bryopsis the worst kind you can have.
  3. bioreefer

    bioreefer New Member

    Thomas what is bryopsis never herd of it. Tell a few things about it if you would please. Thanks BioReefer
  4. richierich2000

    richierich2000 New Member

    this is the stuff I hope it helps :)
  5. fishman830

    fishman830 New Member

    is hair algae bad?
  6. michaeltx

    michaeltx Moderator Staff Member

    very very bad!!
    do a search for "I QUIT" thats what it made me do not fun.
    it can over run the tank fairly quickly and kill corals., not a good algae to have in a tank.
  7. salty jeff

    salty jeff New Member

    How can you get rid of it? I use R/O water and change about 25% of my tanks water a month.
  8. clarkiiboi

    clarkiiboi New Member

    It's not desired thats for sure. I had it for awhile and it never got too out of hand, but was on its way if I didn't do something soon. As for what to do, there are many different ways to try and I'm sure looking at MichealTX's post will have alot of ways listed there, as well as a search, so I suggest doing this. Sometimes one way works for 1 member and not for another, you just have to do it with the trial and error method, IMO.
    Does that bryopsis look like fern leaves up close? I got an order of ceriths with something similar to that on some of their shells and wasn't sure what to do and went ahead and added them that way. Well, the tang had a meal on it. Just curious, I bet I got lucky that the tang ate it.
  9. j21kickster

    j21kickster New Member

    hair algae is one of those things that most new reefs go through (- mine did for over 2 months and after that it was gone keep your water nutrient levels low- i.e dont over feed or overstock and do your water changes and it is harder for it to grow
  10. fishman88

    fishman88 New Member

    just get a algea blenny that is what i did and now i have almost no algea what so ever
  11. thomas712

    thomas712 Guest

    Clarkiiboi - You decide ;)
  12. thomas712

    thomas712 Guest

    Bryopsis Pennata sometimes known as sea ferns ;)
  13. clarkiiboi

    clarkiiboi New Member

    Thanks Thomas, call me lucky--that looks very similar if not the same.

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