What does Peppermint Shrimp eat?

Discussion in 'Fish Discussion' started by trigger lover, Jan 17, 2002.

  1. trigger lover

    trigger lover New Member

    I am a trigger lover, I intend to put a shrimp with trigger into a 7.5 Gallons tank, I know that they might not be compatible. But, could any one tell me what does Peppermint Shrimp eat? What I need to keep it alive in my tank?
    I have only sand in my tank, I do not have live rock or reef at all. Any advice? Thanks.
  2. fshhub

    fshhub New Member

    welcome aboard, and to answer your question, i think you prbably won't have to worry about it, especially with no rock to hide the shrimp, but they are scavengers, and will eat most anything, they ae well known for their appetite for aiptasia and i have found that some love featheer dusters, but he will probably eat the leftoveeers from your trigger, for a few minutes, until he becoems the leftovers, jsut my opinion, but i don't think i would even try tha t combo, especially with no rock to house the shrimp
  3. whipple

    whipple New Member

    Is that right 7.5 gal or is it 75 gal?
  4. trigger lover

    trigger lover New Member

    It is a 7.5 Gallons or 30Litres tank which I set up last week and it is the first time I own swf in my life, I have read through so many web site before this trial, many web site are rich in contents, I don't have to read a book I hope :)
    I intend to place a tiny coke bottle (3 inches miniature) into the tank as a house for the shrimp if I can find one.
    Afterall, this message board is so great and the people are extraordinary nice. I am very glad to be part of you guys/ladies. Thank you so much.
  5. fshhub

    fshhub New Member

    man, i hat to tell you this, but that is one of the worst choices for a 7 gallon tank, do you have the fish yet, or just the tank up and running???
  6. trigger lover

    trigger lover New Member

    I have only 3 yellow tailed damsels running. They are half inch long. I intent to add a tiny trigger which may be something like 1.3 inch one.
    But no plan yet for something more than that.
  7. chrismilano

    chrismilano New Member

    Although it may look great, the aluminum and paint on the soda can will probably kill much of your stock. Even if it doesnt, it will definately do more harm to your ecosystem than good.
    I speak from experience!
  8. fshhub

    fshhub New Member

    in a 7 gallon, i would only have a little rock, a bed(probably sand fo 4 inches), a filter and a cleaner shrimp and 1(NOT 2) yellow tail damsel OR one chromis, that is it, youare already way overstocked for your tank size, and you cannot go by the size the fish are right now, you might better get a couple of books, and do a lot of reading, we would be glad to helpyou, but you need to realize that you cannot stock a 7 gallon tank like you are with saltwater fish, and you seem convinced already, in a 7 gallon, youu may be able to go with 1 fish between 1 and 3 inches(at maturity), that is it
  9. fshhub

    fshhub New Member

    another thing, i need to stress, is that we here are trying to help, we can gain nothing from your system one way or another, we just love fishes and want to see them be healthy and happy, unlike a store, who can gain profit, we can NOT
    we have no need or desire to mislead you here
  10. von_rahvin

    von_rahvin New Member

    3 fish in s 7 gal?? I am in agreement that this is too much. Also you really do not want t put a trigger an a tank anywhere near that size. :) go for a micro reef if you want a tank that small. :)
  11. kyarnkid

    kyarnkid New Member

    WOW, I got 2 yellow tail damsels and a True Perc in my 55 gallon(2 month old tank) and some say that I have mine overcrowded right now.
    Remember the bigger the tank as a beginner the better, I am still new and that as well as patience helps. Also your gonna have to spend money so be prepared for that too!
  12. karlas

    karlas New Member

    you definitly dont want the trigger for that size tank most of them need 75 gall or bigger depending on the trigger even a bigger tank is reccomended for others here is a page u can look up info on several triggers
    <a href="http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/scateg.cfm?siteid=21&pCatId=44" target="_blank">triggers</a>
    since you want a 7.5 gall this site might help you get some info and pics to see what a small nano reef looks like
    <a href="http://www.nano-reef.com/" target="_blank">nano reefs</a>
  13. krusk

    krusk New Member

    take the damsels back to the lfs
    get some live rock and live sand
    1 false perucla clown + 1 coral banded shrimp(or pepermint shrimp) is a good combo for that tank's size.
  14. fshhub

    fshhub New Member

    hey kyarnkid, in your case, it is not that you are over crowded, but just over ambitious, you do still have some room to work with, you just need to slow down a little, but we can ALL relate to that, ther are very few of us that can't remember what itis like to have an empty tank(even though afew of us resisted, we all wanted fish)
  15. trigger lover

    trigger lover New Member

    Thank you for the advice, I will send 2 Damsels back to the LFS and put some live rock and more sand into the tank. In the future, I will get a bigger tank like 55g or 75g.

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