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Discussion in 'Fish Disease & Treatment' started by h2oski, Jun 26, 2001.

  1. h2oski

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    I'm still having the problem with the white film on my volitan lion. It has spread and caused the death of my regal tang, and copperband butterfly. The film is still not that bad on the lion, but I would still like to get rid of it. My other fish are in a Qt and have no symptoms. When is it safe to reintrooduce them? I add stress coat to the tank on the advice of a local pet store, but it had no effect.
  2. b_ball12_99

    b_ball12_99 New Member

    Might it be ick?
  3. beth

    beth Administrator Staff Member

    Well, as I said in my previous post awhile back in the Hyposalinity Tread, I think this is a bacterial infection and not an ick problem. It is not uncommon that following a bout with ick, that fish will get a bacterial infection. I think that this is even more likely since you said that all your fish had the film following an outbreak of ick.
    This will need to be treated with antibotics. How are the sick fish doing? eating? still behaving relatively normally?? I use Maracyn and Maracyn 2 antibotics myself, but I do believe you need to think along these lines...not parasites, but bacterial infection.
    And you cannot reintroduce fish into the main tank with the sick fish any time soon. I don't remember what type tank you said you had? Also, why are the healthy fish in QT, and the sick fish in the main tank?
  4. beth

    beth Administrator Staff Member

    Terry, H2o was having this problem with the lionfish way back last week, and, apparently it is spreading to other fish [even killed other fish], which is why I doubted lionfish shedding. This followed a bout with ick. This was in the Hyposalinity post of last wk, where H2o requested help with this, and the tread got off topic. Unfortunately, H20's situation is now worse.
    Keep me posted on the outcome, I'd be interested in knowing the end result with the fish. Also, Terry, I wouldn't mind seeing your diag. form, if you wouldn't mind sharing it. My email is below.
  5. nm reef

    nm reef New Member

    Terry.....sorry to butt in....both you and beth responded to aid my coral beauty in the past few days........would like to see that form also.....may be a good thing....especially since I have very limited experience in marine illness......bdwalley@swpc.net.....thx..........by the way the coral beauty is much better but still has a white blotch where there appeared to be a wound or sore......

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