Why do my fish ALWAYS HIDE????

Discussion in 'Reef Tanks' started by kingspade, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. kingspade

    kingspade New Member

    why do you think my fish are always hiding?? they rarely ever come out. do you think it could be that they are scared of the flow in my tank?? they are always under the powerheads when they come out (but rarely ever come out) and when they arent under the powerhead they spen all their time just floating behind the rocks. i did a water test and heres what i came up with
    Amm: 0-.25
    Nitrite: 0
    Nitrate: 0
    PH: 8.3
    Phos: 0
    Calcium: 400-420
    Temp: 77
    SG: 1.024-1.025
  2. krazekajin

    krazekajin New Member

    how new is your fish to your tank. If they are under a month old, sometimes it takes time for them to get used to a tank. I have a yellow tang that took weeks before it would come out.
  3. fisherson

    fisherson New Member

    How long has it been like this?
    Do you have a cat?
    Mine used to be scared cause my cat terrorised them. but once i moved they slowly came back out to the front of the tank.
  4. kingspade

    kingspade New Member

    i got the blue tang a week ago and got the naso yesterday, the blue tang runs behind the rocks as soon as it sees me, really fast too, its got marks on its forehead from hitting the rocks trying to go in too fast. he comes out and eats everytime i feed him and he eats A LOT, the naso only had a few nibbles that came its way but didnt go swimming around to get any food, but i know i just got it yesterday, but do you guys thing they are scared of the flow? i have 4 seio 1500's but they are turned halfway down, not all the way up. but they just seem scared to swim around. i dont know why they are so frightened.
  5. alyssia

    alyssia New Member

    Sometimes it takes quite awhile for fish to feel comfortable. Some fish are just skittish. I wouldn't think the flow would be a problem unless it is actually pushing them around.
  6. kingspade

    kingspade New Member

    it seems when the blue tang does come out he stays along the back glass which is where my naso is also hovering, but when the blue decides to swim out into the tank when he gets in front of the stream he quicly darts across and to the back again??
  7. jailbreak

    jailbreak New Member

    maybe he can see u through the glass and is scared. Do u do this at the tank
  8. kingspade

    kingspade New Member

    no but maybe i should, maybe my normal face is more scary lookin than if i was doing that??
  9. seannmelly

    seannmelly New Member

    how long are yor lights on for per day?
  10. kingspade

    kingspade New Member

    actinics on 11am
    center halide on 12pm
    outer halides on 1pm
    center halide off 9pm
    outer halides off 10pm
    actinics off 11pm
    moons on 11pm-9am
  11. 1journeyman

    1journeyman New Member

    Have you checked for stray voltage in the tank? I remember reading that skittish fish can be a sign of stray voltage.
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  12. kingspade

    kingspade New Member

    i was thinking that too, i had my hand in the tank one day and my arm bumped my lights and i thought i got a shock but ive since tried to do it again with no luck, how do i test for voltage in the water?
  13. murph

    murph New Member

    Just get a voltage meter at the local hardware store, a cheap one will do. If it shows positive for voltage shut down each of your tanks electrical items (lights power heads submerge able pumps etc.) one at a time until meter falls to zero and you have found the culprit. Replace it.
    I would also advise you either install GFI outlets or get power strips with a in line GFI to plug all your aquarium equipment into. Most GFIs will trip even if there is just a little stray voltage going into your tank and will most definitely trip in the event you have done something that is about to shock the hell out of you.
    Shocking events like this occur more often than you would think. In this hobby's infancy some people even lost there lives to electrocution. Electric and water, especially salt water don't mix. Most people will say to themselves, if something falls into the tank electrical, usually lights, I will be sure not to grab for it. Of course that is never how it plays out as the first instinct to grab that high dollar lighting system overrides common sense when it hits the water and zap.
    GFIs will most likely save you some pain at one point or another and maybe even save your life out right.
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  14. kingspade

    kingspade New Member

    how do i test it though? one end in the water one end to a ground source?
  15. murph

    murph New Member

    Originally Posted by KingSpade
    how do i test it though? one end in the water one end to a ground source?
    correct. Usually red lead in tank black lead grounded.
  16. kingspade

    kingspade New Member

    ok, im about to tear my tank down and just give up. my fish are psyco, i tested for voltage and came up with nothing, i unplugged everything just to see what happens, i left the 4 powerheads and skimmer shut off for a few hours and they still are acting the same. twitchy, when they swim they DART in shots bursts, i cannot for the life of me figure out what is pissing them off. i am within an inch of giving up on this. PLEASE HELP!!!! before i do something i regret, i have way too much money invested!!!
  17. 1911_guy

    1911_guy New Member

    Originally Posted by KrazeKajin
    how new is your fish to your tank. If they are under a month old, sometimes it takes time for them to get used to a tank. I have a yellow tang that took weeks before it would come out.
    Did you miss this post?
    Your fish need time to adjust to your tank.
  18. devaji108

    devaji108 New Member

    don't give up....the fish are still pretty new to the tank, give them a month or so
    be patient just think about all thoses litle fish have gone through.......you would be skittish TOO
  19. kingspade

    kingspade New Member

    the atlantic blue has been in over a week, and the naso i just added wednesday.
  20. 1911_guy

    1911_guy New Member

    Think of it like getting settled into a new house. Do you feel 100% at home 5 days after moving in? Let them be, you might be stressing them. Please be patient and I'm sure you're new fish will thank you for it. :happyfish

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