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Sargassum Triggerfish

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Sargassum Triggerfish

These fish are rarely available and typically sell out quickly.Reaching a length of approximately 10-11 inches, juveniles are often associated with floating sargassum weed, thus the name.This species is an excellent marine aquarium species because it is one of the least aggressive of the triggerfish and does well in community aquariums.It is extremely important that you acclimate this fish properly or it will not survive. Follow's Acclimation Procedure whenever adding new fish or inverts.The Triggerfish family is comprised of peculiar shaped fish with two dorsal fins. The first dorsal includes a large spine that these fish use to lock themselves into places where they sleep or hide. The Triggers are also well known for their blowing behavior that they use to move items around in home aquariums. They will also pick items up with their mouths and move them. This is likely instinctual behavior that has rolled over from their nesting preparation. These fish can be aggressive, especially when feeding.

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