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Shaving Brush


Pros: easy to care for, beautiful plant, has benefits of any saltwater plant

Cons: None

I have two of these in my 29 refugium. I can see how they would be beautiful in the display also; however I opted to place them in the refgium before I ever purchased them. They do need considerable amounts of light, although mine seem to do fine under a 26 watt Power compact fixture. My refugium is only 4.5 gallons and Hangs on the back of the tank with the light directly stationed over the refugium. Alot of people seem to have bad luck with these plants, but mine are doing terrific almost a month in. I keep the cheato in the second section to allow these plants direct access to the light and they haven't displayed any browning what-so-ever. Be sure to plant them down in the sand bed nice and deep as to keep them anchored. Definitely recommend this plant if you are looking for something plant like for your reef tank or simply want to spice up your refugium.

Shaving Brush

These brightly colored green plants resemble a barber's shaving brush. They have a stalk with roots that should be buried into the sand bed. The Shaving Brush requires strong lighting that will reach the bottom of the tank, as well as a medium current. Saltwater plants can help in the reduction of nitrates in aquariums.The Shaving Brush should be floated in the bag for half an hour, discard the water from the bag, and then place the roots of each Shaving Brush into the sand bed.Note:This item is not available to customers in CA.While most marine plants do grow into lush, healthy plants they all need good lighting. This is so that they have enough energy for making their own food by means of photosynthesis. Without sufficient light for photosynthetic activity your plants will remain stunted or die. So part of correct saltwater aquarium care involves making sure that your aquarium provides sufficient lighting for plant growth.To make sure that your plants are getting enough light keep the following rule of thumb in mind: For each gallon of water in a tank you will require 3 to 5 watts of light. Most aquarium lighting systems are below that level, however so you may need to shop around to find adequate lighting to make sure you are providing the proper saltwater aquarium care for your plants.In the natural aquarium the fish and plant populations are perfectly balanced and compliment each other. Marine plants create shelter, shade, and even food for your fish! Plants that are well lit will give off oxygen and this creates a good environment for your fish. So proper saltwater aquarium care makes your tank healthy and provides optimum conditions for plants and fish alike.The fish will, in turn, feed off the carbon dioxide released by the fish. Plants also feed off the waste that fish produce. This helps to absorb some of the waste that might become toxic to your fish. So as you can see proper saltwater aquarium care means maintaining a healthy balance for all the life in your tank.To provide proper saltwater aquarium care for your plants and fish you need to make sure that conditions in your tank are optimal. Plant growth needs water which is at the correct ph levels. It also needs the water to be at the correct temperature for growth and survival.

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