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Lionfish Horns

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Hey I have a question for you guys.

If you look at the pic of my Lion, you can clearly see that above his eyes he has two "horns". I see pictures of many Lions and have taken notice that not all of them have these "horns".

Any answer will be greatly appreciated.

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im not sure ,but i remember reading somewhere that there are two volitan lions, one with horns, and one without... and sometimes the horns just fall off. :notsure:
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The lions will drop the "horns" as they get older...
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i knew it was one or the other:notsure: sorry
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For a while, Scientis were confusing P.Volitans with P.Antenata. This cause the "two volitans" confusion. Volitans lose the antena, while Antenata keep theres, hence the name. There are suppliers out there,mainly LFS's, that will call any mid-larger spieces a Volitans and any small spiecies a "Dwarf". Want to get really confused? Look at a pic of a Fu man chu. They grow thiers out of there chin.:D
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There are suppliers out there,mainly LFS's, that will call any mid-larger spieces a Volitans and any small spiecies a "Dwarf".
??? :confused:

I sure wouldn't shop somewhere where they sell you a "dwarf" lionfish simply because it is small at the time. You will be stuck with a huge fish in 6 months. Antenata lions don't even look that similar to Volitans.
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What I meant was, any of the dwarf spiecies. For example, the dwarf lion and a dwarf fuzzy. Two diffrent fish, but call them all (the smaller spiecies) "dwarf lion". As for the antenata, I could have been mistaken on which spiecies was being considered the other. They also tried to classify the youg horned volitans seperately from the adult hornless untill they relized the change. The same thing has happened with many marine fish such as angles due to the utter diffrence in apperance from youth to adult. The more modern technology has allowed us to witness this change and realize our goofs.
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Ok... I guess I misunderstood your original post. Glad to know your lfs isn't selling baby volitans as dwarf lions! :yes:
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Yeah, but I have had one try to sell me an antenata as a volitans. I have fallen in love with the volitans and radiata and my wife agreed to let me get on for my tank..........untill she saw a picture of a antenata:rolleyes: shes getting one when I get mine. The only bad thing is this gives her a reason to confiscate my tank when I get a larger one. Guess Im going to have to find another octo tank.
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The fins of an Antenata are totally different than a volitan... I also have a real hard time getting Antenata lions to eat frozen foods, where Volitans are pretty easy to ween over.
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those ocular projections usually fall off in adult lions. They are primarily juvenile colorations, and most likely used as camoflauge. However some lions for whatever keep them.

Xeno-Can't say I've ever heard o fthat story before. Most supplier/wholsalers/LFS basically group lions into two groups, large or small.
Large lions almost always misidentified as P Volitans (both black and red morph, P. Russells and P. Miles) are considered large.
The midsized lions like antennatas, radiatas, and mombasse are so blatantly different that even LFS group them as antennata or radiatas (mobasses are considered an antennata). The dwarf lion dwarf, dw fuzzy, fu man chu are also obvious.
So to me th econfusions are which large form lion you get, an doccasionally did i get a mombasses or antennata
Back to the original question......
they tend to fall off
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yeah, I think I mixed up the spiecies that was mixed up with the P.Volitans. I tried to find the article to no avial. Tne thing I did notice was the diffrenc of the picture they had. I think it was something along the lines of thinking the Radiata was the juevinial for of the Volitan, and that it morphed as it aged, such as seen in angles. Like I said, I cant find the site, so I dont know the credibility of this info.
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