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Submersible return pump????

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I'll be buying my return pump in the next few days.

I have a 90 gal w/overflow, 20 gal sump.

What GPH pump should I go with, what brand name do you recommend?

Also, are the pumps adjustable, or should a plum valves for overflow to sump & return line?

Thanks in advance!
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You will need to check the flow capacity of your overflow. Size your pump to remain below the rated flow ( GPH, GPM, etc. ) of the overflow and return line.
If you oversize the pump and pump more water into the tank than the overflow can handle, you will have a wet floor for sure.
Good luck
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I agree with the post above, Mag pumps work great and they are a great price. Good luck
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how does one determine the rate of flow for the overflow?
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If the overflow is new,it should say on the box.If it's used,you could search the manufacturer for the specks. How many,and how big are the drain lines comming out?? Also you should never restrict the supply line TO THE SUMP.Any valves should be put between the pump and the tank.If all else fails,you could put a valve in the return line.And startthe pump with this valve 1/4 open.Then slowly open the valve a little bit every half hour till you see the tank water level raising. This is an indication that the pump is overpowering the overflow. Start by marking the water level of the tank.
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Mr Salty,

The only reason I would put a valve between the overflow & sump would be to stop water flow to the sump for cleaning etc. Is this not necessary?

Also, It's an All-Glass 90 gal, I called, they said the overflow handles around 2x-3x aquarium size per hour. making it 270 gph-360gph.

this seems to low to me.

someone else told me I should go with a MagDrive 700?

Does anyone out there have a 90 gal All-glass with the built in overflow?

What R you using for a pump?

Thanks For all the help on this.
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We have an all-glass 75gal. with overflow, and use a rio 2500 running wide open to return the water to the tank. You will have to figure in the distance back up into the tank(head pressure), in feet. I guessed that mine was about 4 feet with the elbow fittings(I'm pretty sure elbow fittings add a foot, correct me if I'm wrong). So you will have to buy a pump larger than your overflow is rated. And I would stay away from the RIO's, this one's getting noisier every day(and it's not even six months old)and I've heard of them melting down on others. I'm currently looking for a replacement.

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If it has the built in overflow meaning the "reef ready" towers it will handle a much larger flow then you where told. You should try and shoot for 8 to 10 times turn over from sump to tank per hour.
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