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coral beauty.. white patches around lips

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i got this coral beauty a week ago, i took a daring attepmt and put it in my 40 gallon reef which has been established for 3 years. I have some leather coral frags in there and xenia and sun polyps. Anywayss, I put it in my reef tank a week ago and itz been hiding behind the rocks everysince. A few days ago i knoticed some white patches around itz inner lips. Now the white patches are getting bigger. this angel has not been eating. I been feeding it frozen mysis shrimp and marine flakes, but it did not eat. However I knoticed today that there are some teeth mark on my sup polyps, and there r like wound and yellow stuff coming out of the would. I never had such a problem before i put the angel in. Did the angel tried to eat my sun polyps? and how anybody know what is that white line in itz inner lips? is it going to die? can the disease pass to my sun polyps? my tank readings are fairly good. I ran out of the test kit, but i brought a sample of my water to my LFS and they said that my water is in perfect condition. Hope all these info helps.... and i hope someone can help me.. thanks
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I'm afraid so. Angels are notorious polyp nippers which is why most sources feel they are not exactly reef safe. My guess would be that the fish is suffering from coral stings.
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ohh ic ic... well hmm... is it gonna die from the coral sting? or itz just something that the coral beauty can live with?? should i get it out of the water?
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