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setting up shark tank

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iam getting a bamboo egg for my 180 gallon fuully cycled can anyone give picks of there bamboo sharks or set up so i could get a good look where to place my rock and make it look neat it will be the only inhabitant with my foxface
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Not to many rocks is my only tip.. You want to give the shark alot of sand to lie on... I would say maby 40-60 lb.. I could be wrong though. Post pics of you 180!!!
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you want to put all your rock on one side and make it so the shark can swim back in the rock work to hide. sort of a cave type of hole . bamboo sharks don't do much swiming around unless its feeding time or completely dark other than that they hide out.

make sure you have good flow and a good filtration system . and if you have ever treated your tank with copper think about getting something else .even the slightest trace will effect your shark.

good luck .
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anyone else had experience with eggs
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we hatched ours from an egg.
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does water quality have to be perfect for the egg like nittrates aroun 10 and everything else 0 what are major factors for successful hatchings
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you want your water to be perfect . 0's across the board 8.2 and a slightly higher SG . as an egg it will be a little more tolerant of the water peramiters but still try to get it all perfect. put the egg in a place on the rocks with good current and just leave it to do its thing. keep testing the water to make sure its good and before you know it you'll have a shark
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Here's some pictures of my shark for you. He is 2 1/2 feet long. We did not hatch him from an egg though, he was about 15-16" when we got him 3 years ago. At this size he is constantly re-arranging my rock for me, and harassing the other fish in the tank. A few nights ago he attacked and killed my 4-5" female saddleback clownfish. He caused fatal damage in only a few minutes, was giving his best impression of a Great White. I was less than thrilled to see this side of him, of-course my husband thought it was cool. I took some pictures of my deceased female clown "Lilly" to prove that these sharks are capable of inflicting considerable damage.
I have a female Bamboo Shark in a 125 gallon pond in my garage right now, she is only 18", and will have to be atleast as large as the male before I can add her to my tank, and try to breed them.
Congratulations on "dipping your feet" in to the sharks, they are very rewarding and fascinating!!
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OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL SHARK!! :scared:
What tank u said you have that beast in?
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Thanks Cartman! He is in a 240 gallon with a 50 gallon sump.

He's still my baby, even if he did eat my beautiful female saddleback clownfish.

-Jen :happyfish
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i'm suprised he has eaten your damsel
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Actually, I am missing two damsels. That is the last one remaining, I am sure it's only a matter of time. Although, I think the Harlequin Tusk may also be to blame for the MIA damsels.
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Is that a nurse shark? If so, those things need like a 15,000 gallon aquarium. NO LIE!!
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Im pretty sure thats a nurse shark and is the
male bamboo in that tank
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Not a nurse shark - a bamboo.
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Like cartman said awsome fish .
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hey Nmocean, does that bamboo swim around alot, or does it just sit on the bottom alot?

also what other fish do you have in there with him?

also can you post a full tank shot??

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Holy crap. Man, when I get older I'm going to have like an 800 gallon tank with sharks and rays. And really good insurance.
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