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Dying Anemone???

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What are the signs of a sick/dying/dead carpet anemone. The anemone is kind of soft but not really turning to mush yet. The mouth is kind of open and the tentacles are not sticky at all. The anemone was just added to the tank last night. The tank conditions are fine Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 0. pH about 8.2. The other anemones at the store had been dying so i wanted to get it out of there. Is this just trying to get used to its new home or is it dying on me?
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What size is your tank? In a small tank, a dead anemone could cause a toxic mess.

Do you have a quarantine tank?

How long did you acclimate and by what method?

at is your lighting...they need VERY GOOD lighting, preferably MH....
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110G with 20sump and 30g Fuge. I do have a quarantine. But the new Purple Tang is already in there. I dripped the anemone for about 2 hours. I have 2x175W MH 10K and 3x140W VHO Actinic. It is now starting to look slightly better. Not near what it was before but better none the less.
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