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Do tangs eat caulerpa ?

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If so is it good for them or not just getting ideas on different types of food or treats

they love green stuff I hear
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Mine used to eat it, I would also feed Fresh frozen broccoli & fresh frozen Peas thawed.

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Haven't tried caulerpa (don't want it in my fuge)

But I do have Chaetomorpha Linum and Gracilaria foliife in my fuge for my Yellow Tang. He loves it especially the Cheto. He chomps the "G'" like spaghetti cool to watch. I also feed him Sushi Nori (dried not roasted) Tangs are veggie eaters. Although mine is a pig and will eat anything. I try to keep his diet 75% veggie.

You can get all of the above on the big auction site search "refugium"

From what I read fresh garden veggies romaine and such are a bad thing for tangs...too high fresh water content screws with their digestive tract IMO.
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In my experience, tangs LOVE caulerpa. It's one of the best things for them since it's their natural diet. Around here, caulerpa is expensive, but next week I'm going to give them a treat and buy them some caulerpa. Our yellows are pigs also and will now eat anything. All our fish get mysis shrimp, omega 3 brine shrimp, marine cuisine, emerald entree, squid, and algae sheets. And yes, the yellows deff eat squid!
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thanks I have get some for my tangs
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My tank was over-run with green hair algea. I got a yellow tang this weekend... and he ate ALL of it in 1 day.

Plus, anything else I drop in the tank. It is my opionion that they are pigs.. and will eat anything... and lots of it.
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